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Comment Re:Financial Motivation (Score 0) 195

Maybe I have been watching too much House of Cards, but I could see this being a dog and pony show for financial gain.

Since the Snowden leaks, a lot of users in other countries do not trust the main IT players in the US. Notice how both Microsoft and Apple (the big names in the coordinated efforts with the government) are now fighting back in court? I could see this going on for a bit and then both having a "big win" against the evil government. Users will flock back with a false sense of security.

One big show telling users they are encrypting their data and or won't share with the government to get them back while at the same time continuing to feed the information that the government demands. All under NDA of course.

Comment Re:Good god. (Score 3, Informative) 253

As others have mentioned, limp mode is not just a transmission control feature. It is a fail safe built into the Engine Control Unit. When all sensors are operating correctly, the car has a map to determine the appropriate air/fuel mixture taking into consideration temperature, pressure, exhaust etc to ensure your car runs optimally. When in limp mode, the ECU cannot trust the sensors to determine the optimal air/fuel ratio. There is a base map that will allow your car to run with a rich fuel mixture (safer than lean) to prevent damage to the motor. Besides being worse for emissions and fuel economy, you can drive the car normally until you can get the issue repaired.

Comment Mmm Sai (Score 5, Interesting) 49

Any place where they sell stuff, if you look like a tourist, one or more person will follow you for hours trying to get you to buy something. "Mmm Sai" is roughly "No thank you". Get used to saying that over and over. When I went to Shenzhen we had someone follow us from the bottom of the mall to the top floor. He heard us say we were hungry and quickly showed us where the american diner was. Being nice, we said we prefered local food. He then took us to another resturant. We spent 45 minutes eating and talking and when we walked out of the resturant, that guy was sitting outside waiting for us. I ended up buying stuff from his store just because of that dedication.

Comment This is Getting Out of Hand (Score 2) 319

This whole "think of the children" is getting out of hand. I remember growing up climbing trees, using a tall spiral slide, and playing on monkey bars. Could I have gotten hurt? Sure, but scrapes, bruises, and learning how to fall is a part of growing up. If you remove all possible ways for a child to develop his motor skills and learn how to deal with an occasional "oops" when they get hurt, we are going to grow up with a bunch of kids who prefer to sit out of sports and other social events.

This is life, shit happens. People can get hurt and or killed at any point in their life. Banning sports balls is not the answer.

Comment Re:So what do we do about it? (Score 2) 295

I keep hearing everyone say that your best bet is to vote against the worst candidate since third party does not have enough votes. As long as the media has enough people thinking this way, the duopoly wins. Why not vote for who you want rather than the lesser of two evils? If enough people start voting for who they want, you will start to see the top two parties lose percentage points to lesser known parties. Yes, this might not make a difference this election, but it has the potential to in the future.

It is up to you to be part of the solution to the duopoly. The more you vote for the "lesser of two evils" the more you are contributing to keeping our current system alive.

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