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Comment Re:APC UPS's (Score 1) 154

This is why folks should be paying attention to any diagnostics they can pull off their UPS. Sealed VRLA Batteries usually last about 4-5 years and often you'll see a trend of either decreased voltage or increased internal resistance a few months prior to them failing. Proper maintenance practices can help prevent this kind of problem (as with most things).

Comment Re:But why? (Score 1) 497

This is pure FUD, pointing a finger at Mass Effect 2 as an example. My internet connection has been down at home for over a week and I've had many hours of fun with Mass Effect 2 over the last 2 days.You don't have to register with EA to play the game, nor do you need to be online whatsoever to play.. In terms of 'Good Gear' there is plenty of "good gear" in the game found through loot, in game stores and (primarily) in game research. The only additional items are several preorder items that were given to people who either preordered from a certain store or bought the collectors edition.

As far as I've seen there isn't ANY paid DLC online yet other than the Cerberus Network, and you get that for FREE if you bought a brand new copy of the game.

Comment Re:Staffed by 2nd rate people? (Score 1) 211

Northrop Grumman's core business is making airplanes (at least it was). So what we have here is a non-core business effort on behalf of a state government contract. I'll bet it was staffed by the B team at Northrup Grumman because real IT hot shots just are not motivated to get out of bed in the morning to chase state government contracts. On top of this staffing issues, I'm sure the government had lots of non-standard 'requirements' from insecure bureaucrats that need to justify their jobs. This is a lethal combination of doom for this project. The solution is standard requirements shared by lots of similar customers that is chased after by multiple competing vendors but I suspect the politics of patronage in Virginia would never let that happen.

Northrop Grumman has an entire arm of its business devoted to Information Systems that makes about $10 billion in revenue a year. They aren't exactly a small time operation when it comes to IT.

Comment More bias from the Richmond Time Dispatch (Score 1) 211

The Richmond Times Dispatch really seems to hate the Northrop Grumman / VITA project. Actually, from my experience a lot of folks down in Richmond hate it and tend to bad mouth it endlessly.

There is a lot of bad sentiment here in VA as this consolidation/outsourcing of IT cost quite a few State jobs which obviously upset a lot of people. Of course, they forget the fact that Northrop Grumman is one of the State's biggest employers and that they were hiring people to work at the new location. I still hear of lot of anger on radio stations and in the news when I'm in that region.

Comment Re:Also check your UPS (Score 1) 223

Power failure are very frequent depending on where you live in the country, and it only takes a brief sag in voltage to take down your system/rack/entire data center if you are unprotected by a UPS.

A good, solid UPS is very reliable as long as you keep it maintained. The major issue is keeping the batteries good, not continually exposing them to deep discharges, etc.

There is a reason that the Microsofts, Googles and other huge users of data centers spend millions of dollars on critical infrastructure like UPSs in order to protect their investments.

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