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Comment Re:Enough with this "fuck beta" nonsense. (Score 0) 249

Not AC here, and I say everyone spamming the site with "Fuck Beta" needs to grow the fuck up too. I've been here a while now and remember the good old days of Taco, Cowboy Neal, and pink unicorns. Shit changes. You fuckers remind me of the assholes during Digg 2.0 days who eventually lowered Reddit standards.

Like a little toddler playing with a toy when the parent comes in and takes the toy away replacing it with another toy. The toddler gets angry and breaks the new toy because it isn't the toy it used to have leaving it with nothing to play with. This site is not yours and if they wanna fuck themselves then that is on them, but to break the new toy they gave you is just childish (because you are breaking my toy too!!!). Grow up and move on. Find a new site and teach them a real lesson, but please all you assholes breaking the comments section by spamming it, fuck you. They got the message already. Just fucking leave if all you have is a temper tantrum.

I am leaving /. At least for a while because I am over coming here and clicking the comments for this type shit instead of discussion. I may come back one day and see what happened to it but it wasn't the new layout that chased me off, it was the children being brats and breaking the new toy they were given that tipped me over. Don't like the site, go to another or hell, maybe even make your own.

Comment Re:Stop with JavaScript (Score 1) 197

And 10 years ago is what a lot of Slashdot users seem to be stuck in for this thread. I bet none of them have used node and know what additions it brings to regular JS or even looked at code for it. Node JS is server side and can power entire applications that never care about browser version so why is that relevant? I think most this thread is made of people who think javascript is like the IE 6 days and have no idea how to write proper JS.

Comment Re:Cloudy skies (Score 1) 145

I'll admit I did not read the article but have heard and read on other sites. My understanding though is this has nothing to do with "Cloud all the apps". The app is still located on your machine and run from your machine, but what got hacked was the database of the renter/owners, their private data, and some source code for some of their products. Excuse my ignorance, but how does this have to do with cloud based apps?

Comment Re:ATM screw up (Score 1) 575

if you gave me $60 to hold for a day and came back the next day for your $60, and i gave you $70 - i still GAVE YOU $70. that 70 is now yours as i GAVE IT TO YOU. maybe my math was wrong counting, but it is MY responsibility to make sure what goes from my hands to your hands is whats correct. you can say its the "right thing" to help me with my mistake, but you can not say that what i gave to you is no longer yours when i realize that i made a mistake. its my job to properly count out and return the cash... i did poorly at my job and paid for it.

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