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Comment Re:Greenie perspective (Score 1) 543

Actually, I have an Electric Pickup Truck. 1995 Ford F-250 SuperCab Longbed 4WD. Converted it myself. Very useful for making those trips to the lumber yard. When I upgrade to a LiIon pack of some type, I'll also have enough range to use use it for most of my other driving needs as well. http://john.casadelgato.com/Electric-Vehicles/1995-Ford-F-250

Comment I gave up on Firefox due to constant crashes (Score 1) 334

After the release of FireFox a few weeks ago, it started crashing. A LOT. While browsing my morning web comics, about 1/4 of the sites would cause it to crash. I tried disabling most of my plugins/addons - didn't help. I just gave up on it. FF has been getting slower and buggier with each release.

Comment Re:Documentation is very lacking (Score 1) 769

So, "man -k somecommand" does a full text search of all the man pages for that specific string? That is so much more intuitive than "help somecommand". Of course, I could probably do a "man man" to read all the possible options for the "man" command. Of course, for many commands there is a long involved description of the history of the command before the options appear, and then no examples of the options and their results.

Comment Re:Documentation is very lacking (Score 5, Informative) 769

The whole Linux Mindset to documentation can be summed up in the phrase "use the man page". Yeah, right. Man pages are only semi-useful if you ALREADY KNOW WHAT COMMAND YOU NEED. Trying to FIND the command to do something is nearly impossible. Almost as bad as trying to find out how to configure something. (just edit the twiddly.da config file in the googly.plex directory, note that the syntax is completely different from every other config file on the system.)

Submission + - Ebay continues to be hacked

CasaDelGato writes: "I'm surprised I haven't seen anything about the latest Ebay hacking done by Vladuz. It appears that Ebays' security is pretty much non-existant. http://www.theregister.com/2007/02/23/vladuz_strikes_again/ There are multiple reports of large numbers of CC#'s posted to the Forums, and various other things being done to Ebay users. Ebay is doing their best to hide all evidence of this."

Comment Re:Another Fool Cell (Score 3, Informative) 481

Sorry, power plants have MUCH better exhaust scrubbers than cars do. I'm not near my references right now, but last I checked, the Well-to-Wheel efficiency of an EV was around 70mpg. Of course the Fool Cell vehicle will be considerably worse - which is what we are comparing to here - not ICE cars. Plus, there ARE other sources of electricity than oil. Admittedly, you do have to get used to a quiet vehicle and not changing the oil, and not stopping at gas stations.

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