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Comment Re:Parent implies link to virus! (Score 1) 544

Who on slashdot would open an .exe file after clicking on the supposed video that should start in the browser?

By the way, the person that made the website was creative with that virus (or maybe adware?). I'm sure a lot of naive people would open that (but those don't exist on slashdot, right?)

Comment Re:Netflix is not for sports (Score 1) 220

With big sport games its the broadcast channels you get with antenna and with the digital channels it is better than analog cable TV but sadly no ESPN for the people that watch more sports. Maybe there is a chance to get ESPN from unencrypted satellite channels but I never tried that since I'm living in an apartment and a big dish is no option.

Comment Re:I did it. (Score 2, Interesting) 220

Why not free? The broadcast channels are already free using an antenna and I'm assuming that those are even the most watched ones. Why shouldn't it be possible to get Comedy Central, Discovery Channel free by showing ads like FOX, NBC, etc. ?
There are also some countries where only free exists with the exception of HBO like channels.

I'm already getting almost everything free that I watch (or everything after dropping cable). I get the broadcast channels and with hulu I also get the things that I watch on comedy central. The only channel really missing is Discovery channel and I can live without it. (not worth the $50 cable bill for one channel)

Comment Re:Am I the only one OK with caps? (Score 1) 394

I would be OK with caps if they are fair caps or just being charged like phone service.
I prefer it if they would charge $5-20 for the connection (depending on the chosen speed) and than charge maybe 10 cents a GB (that's what Amazon S3 charges). You can't tell me that charging more than 20 cents a GB is in any way fair.
They might even be able to add free nights like Cell phone providers (or whatever time the least usage is).

Comment Re:Been following this for awhile. (Score 1) 1240

At my school you had to pay for the locker each semester and there was also something to sign. I don't remember what it was I signed (7 years ago).

I might be a little more for privacy rights than most here since I was living the first 15 years of my life in Germany where there are much stronger privacy rights than in the USA. I'm just sometimes shocked to see how little people care for their privacy.

Comment Re:Track record? (Score 3, Interesting) 143

Breaking in into a bank through the ATM machine is probably the worst idea ever. Banks (or at least the banks I worked at) have a motion detector in the room behind the ATM. Only once I saw a bank that had an ATM removed and just covered up with plywood from the outside while the motion detector was disabled in that room. Triggering the ATM alarm is worse than the premises alarm because the premises alarm gets triggered sometimes from cleaning personnel or other employees but for the ATM room you need a special key that not everyone has.

I'm also not sure that you can easily go into debug mode without anyone noticing (assuming some employee let you in that room) because the ATM technicians have to call Diebold before doing anything with the machine. They will know if someone unauthorized is using the ATM and restarting with a live CD won't work because that will also trigger an alarm.
I'm guessing it was an Diebold employee that installed the malware since he would have been the only who could have gotten that much access to it.

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