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Comment Re:So who is he really? (Score 1) 586

Thank you for making this clear, but I was not really trying to make a point. The way you responded to the OP's sig made me think you were not familiar with the issue, so I just brought to your attention (or anybody else who might be interested) some links mentioning what I thought was the reason why the OP wrote that in his sig.

Interesting read, nevertheless.

Comment Re:A challenge to the complainers... (Score 1) 257

About 5 months ago here in Puerto Rico I checked with Sprint, AT&T, and Virgin and they all wanted $60+ for just 5GB. I did not bother asking what would happen after reaching this cap, because I switched to another company (Claro, a Mexican company) that has the following plans, among others:

$40 - 5GiB, $0.0073 additional MiB
$50 - 10GiB, $0.0073 additional MiB
$55 - unlimited (never used more than about 14GiB, tho).

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