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Comment Re:Optionally (Score 2, Insightful) 1656

Add let me add... The Constitution was designed to be *modified properly* through the amendment process, not ignored. If there's something deemed out-of-date or wrong by enough people, there are proper steps to be followed to change it. For instance, when enough knuckle heads thought it was right to outlaw alcohol, they knew they didn't have the authority to do it, so they modified the Constitution properly. Then they said "Oh crap, we f'ed up," and created another amendment to undo the previous. As bad as the idea of prohibition was, at least they followed the rules. If today's politicians wanted to outlaw alcohol, they would just do it without regard to Constitution like they did with drugs.

Comment Re:Optionally (Score 1) 1656

We just disagree what it actually *means*.

There are parts of the Bill of Rights that are open for interpretation and whose meanings can evolve with the times, such as "cruel and unusual punishment." However, there are other parts, like the 10th Amendment that are clear and concise. The Federal gub'ment has become a bloated, out-of-control, undisciplined, free-for-all behemoth mess on both foreign and domestic issues. The crux of the problem being they ignore the restrictions imposed on them by the Constitution. As far as your stem cell example goes, the Federal gub'ment has no authority to outlaw it, just like they have no authority to fund it (e.i., force the people to pay for it).

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