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Comment Re:There is a reason no one plays EVE (Score 1) 352

That can be attributed to the fact that it is easier to spy and steal to defeat your enemies in EVE than it is to do it the honourable way due to how strong defenses can be made for the space you hold compared to the options your enemies have to attack. The alliance in question were able to defend their home region from many times their own numbers due to the advantages of having the defense systems like Cyno Jammers and being able to move fleets about Jump Bridge networks. Now these have been taken away for at least four weeks the game will become more about spaceships and less about metagaming. For the time being at least.

Comment Confusing Developments (Score 2, Funny) 207

I was led to believe that the Aussies were criminal types that we kicked out and the first American Colonists were people who were too uptight even for us English types.

So why then do we have the Aussies being uptight about foolish things and the Americans being pretty chilled out about most things?

My belief in stereotypes has been shattered!

Comment Re:It's possible to write rubbish in any language (Score 1) 963

Pretty much the case where I work. Alot of stuff written in perl including a 200 line script to rename a file and to make sure its not over writing a file with the same name and massive birds nests of code that with the zero documentation and none of the original authors still in the organisation leaving me with little choice but to start from scratch. Sure I could of waded through it all but then that would of taken as long if not longer than rewriting it myself and have to think about in the future where someone new might come in and have to go over my old code. Would rather they say "Hey this is easy to understand and read" than "hey the last guy was a total arse for not writing this so its readable and leaving any documentation!"

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