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Comment He's chosen a poor interior layout (Score 3, Informative) 129

His choice of interior layout is a massive disappointment: redundant corridors, the ring corridor not staying concentric, etc. Epic fail.

There's no-one who knows more about the Falcon than Robert Brown, the only logical layout is his:

Comment Re:I'm a one handed gamer... (Score 1) 221

Console controllers are tough. I did well with the N64 controller, and any Wii game that doesn't use the extra plugin stick.

Xbox and playstation controllers are harder, but depends on the game type. Fighting games are usually not a serious option (although the latest Soul Calibre was fine), driving games can be ok. Usually I stick to the PC though.

Comment I'm a one handed gamer... (Score 1) 221

...lost my left hand at the wrist in an accident when I was 7 years old. I can use my wrist an a few key on the keyboard.

Obviously only real time games are an issue. Currently playing CSGO and minecraft.

I think the most extreme case is an FPS, so I'll just talk about CSGO:

  - get a mouse with plenty of buttons. Mine has 8, which is good, but I'd like a couple more. I tried Warmouse with its 1 million buttons and thumb stick, but it's ergonomically crap.
    - My left wrist can be used on the letf ctrl and alt buttons (with any middle key between them disabled or just removed from the keyboard) for strafing, and on the space bar for some other function (open doors, pickup). Other keys are too hard to press quickly.
    - run, reverse, fire, alt fire, weapon select, jump, duck, zoom, reload are all on my mouse (8 buttons plus wheel)
(Actually CSGO doesn't really use alt-fire, that is more of a legacy from my L4D2 setup where alt-fire (push) is a hugely important function - I should swap that for walk)

This is perfect for L4D2, but I really need one more button for CSGO: can't walk.

If a game doesn't allow total customisation (eg. DDO, Dead Space), get AutoHotkey to remap keys/buttons.

Think about combinations you'll need when choosing which fingers do what, eg duck + jump + strafe + run + walk + fire all together ( firing during ducked jump at walk speed while strafing diagonally) is probably the most extreme example I can think of (I can't do that).
An example I ran into: put forward and reverse on the same finger (thumb for my setup) and not alt-fire and reverse on the same finger - you will find it hard to alt fire while moving backwards.

Some obvious combo that will never happen: left strafe/right strafe, forward/back, fire/reload/change weapon/zoom toggle (any two)
Some others that you want: any movement with any non-movement (a drawback with my current setup is no jump + fire - they both use the same finger), run+ jump + duck together.

My current mouse is a Logitech MX518, but I'm always on the lookout for something both cheap and decent that has more buttons.
What I REALLY want is a wide mouse that uses my 4th and 5th (or is that 3rd and 4th?) fingers - they have no role on a normal mouse.

Comment Who the hell wrote this title!? It's not *ideas*! (Score 1) 196

...*ideas*, software or otherwise, can't be copyrighted ANYWHERE, not even the US (in fact copyright law explicitly forbids it). If your're going to post about something, at least be reasonably versed in it. You can't own *ideas*, you can't treat *ideas* as IP, you can't copyright *ideas*, you can't patent *ideas*.

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