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Comment Re:I'm paying for WHAT? (Score 1) 577

I absolutely agree with the premise that Software regulation should be handled like the healthcare industry should be handled.

I don't think I should have to pay for the healthcare bills of people who can't control their eating and health habits any more than I should have to pay for the tech. support bill for people who can't control their spam downloading habits.

Comment Re:I Don't Think This Was Well Thought Out (Score 1) 787

Sorry, poor use of pronouns

Meteorologists' models make huge assumptions, meteorologists must. I won't believe a thing the global warmingists have said............

I actually have been looking for peer reviewed papers, and I'm getting closer to finding them. I recently found the American Meteorological Society, which seems to be the governing body in the united states for such research. I'm disappointed in their statements though, because they have statements about "consensus" instead of links to journals.

Have you found any peer reviewed articles? Have you found any source that states its assumptions? I'm looking for them, I'm sure they're out there.

Comment Were the parents notified? (Score 1) 941

If the parents were clearly notified that the cameras and microphones would be remotely activated and were given the choice whether or not they wanted their kids to use the laptops, I don't see a problem. It would then be their choice to refuse the laptop, or have their kid leave the laptop at school in their locker.

If this was done in secret then those responsible should pay according to the rule of law.

Comment Re:I Don't Think This Was Well Thought Out (Score 1) 787

I do not agree that the IPCC is 99.999% correct, I have very low confidence in the IPCC

Meteorologists' models make huge assumptions, they must. I won't believe a thing they've said until they clearly state their assumptions and make at least some attempt to find error bounds.

As an example, what do they use for the C02 absorptivity of sea water in their climate models? What temperature sea water? What salinity sea water? At what rate does the sea water mix? What percentage C02 in the water? What percentage in the Air? What temperature air? What wind velocity?

That's just sea water. I have questions like that about many parts of their climate models.

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