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Comment Re:Banning self-signed software (Score 1) 530

Installing and app from the Mac Store, friendly. Installing an app outside the Mac Store without changing your settings, right click and open as instead of double clicking, friendly. If you need to change your default settlings to install apps outside of the Mac Store you're not using Mountain Lion correctly.

Comment Re:WGAF? (Score 5, Insightful) 470

Yes let's just ignore the fact that all we've heard for years from Android users is how fast the CPU is in their phones and how important it is to them, like it actually matters. Now the shoe is on the other foot it suddenly isn't a reason to buy or upgrade a phone.

Comment Re:universal connector (Score 1) 393

lol you're kidding? That's your comeback? Oooooh a USB mouse, yeah I'll take that over an all in one single connecting speaker, video out dock. Amazing response, honestly thought you we're joking when I first read your reply. Oh also comically, yes you can connect a keyboard and mouse if you don't mind messing a little, it's also been done with PS2 connectors.

Comment Re:universal connector (Score 3, Informative) 393

The EU are fine with this. The directive is there to stop people throwing away chargers, this fixes that problem and the EU is fine with it. Apple is complying, and a quick google search brings up 100s of citations.

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