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Comment Because the kids are smarter than the teachers (Score 5, Informative) 383

In this regard anyway. I remember I avoided PC classes all through school. Why waste elective credits on stuff I already knew and listen to a teacher, who can't progam their own VCR, try to tell me how a PC Functions or tell me the way I type is wrong?

Nothing agianst the treachers but in most cases they barely grasp what they themselves are teaching and its going to be a generation or two before this changes because the technology is new and still in a very rapid state of change.

I remember I didn't take a computer class until high school when they started offering A+ and CCNA and such as elective credits. I took keyboarding because it was a prerequesit, they wouln't waive it. The teacher knew nothing about what he was doing and was infurated with me because he gave me what he was sure was a whole periods worth of work to anybody, and I finished it in 5 minutes. I finaly got kicked out of his class when he sent me to the principals office because I would not respond when he called me "BOY!" It was one of those southren types where everyone in his class was either "BOY!" or "Sugar" He wrote me up for being disrespectful because I pointed out I had no idea he was talking to me because there were about 12 other boys in his class.

Luckily the principal realised how stupid it was and waived the requirement since I obviously could already type faster than I could talk.

Comment Re:Just what modern news needs (Score 3, Interesting) 114

The problem is that the FOX News through its commentators ends up creating news.

Glenn Beck, Shaun Hannity go on the the program and says "President Obama, Liberals Etc Etc, Should do X" Then the "NEWS" portion of Fox comes on and says "Some critics suggest that President Obama, Liberals Etc Etc, Should do X."

A news company should REPORT the news and not create it through their commentators.

Comment Re:Are desktops ready? (Score 1) 460

Linux is ready and in fact Ubuntu tries to use IPv6 by default which is a major pain in the ass because if your network/isp isn't IPv6 compatible it's not yet all that smart about figuring it out and it causes a very noticeable time lag between the time it tries IPv6, Times out, then tries IPv4 resulting in a successful connection.

It used to be easy to switch IPv6 off until they started building it into the kernel and then for a while you could not switch it off.

I think though they realized it and the newest kernel has a flag you can set at boot time to disable IPv6 and just use straight IPv4

Comment I wish they would just do it already (Score 1) 460

I've been hearing for years about how by this time in X years we'll have no IPv4 addresses left. I wish people would knock off the doomsday predictions or just freaking adopt already. While I don't see a lack of being able to connect because of lack of an IPv4 address yet but I do see some device makers trying to force users to use IPv6 by default and making it a pain in the ass to switch back to IPv4 easily. Which frankly pisses me off because most ISP's don't support it yet. (Hey Canonical, I'm looking at YOUUUUUUUUU Ubuntu Devs!)

That being said I would like to see some routers and devices being made that can sign an IPv6 address out on the LAN side and accept either IPv4 or IPv6 addresses on the WAN side that way users can start transitioning over and will be ready when the ISP's finally start upgrading their infrastructure.


Submission + - Google may limit free news access. (

Captian Spazzz writes: It looks like Google may be bowing to pressure from folks like News Corps Rupert Murdoch.
What I don't understand is what prevents the websites themselves from enforcing some limit. Why make Google do it?

From the BBC

Newspaper publishers will now be able to set a limit on the number of free news articles people can read through Google, the company has announced.
The concession follows claims from some media companies that the search engine is profiting from online news pages.
Publishers will join a First Click Free programme that will prevent web surfers from having unrestricted access.
Users who click on more than five articles in a day may be routed to payment or registration pages.

Comment Re:In Soviet Russia (Score 5, Informative) 265

Right Click the network manager icon in the top tool bar.
Select EDIT Connections
Select DSL (assuming that's the type of connection your using PPPOE for, but it should work regardless)
Click Add
Enter username and password and any other settings required.

Seriously dude I just bridged my DSL Modem and connected using the native PPPOE client in Ubuntu. No command line needed.

Comment Re:Enlightened self interest (Score 1) 291

It asks you for your root password or for SUDO access. If your not smart enough to know or take the time to find out why this program should or should not be needing those permissions then you frankly do not qualify as a "tech savy" user and your just as dumb as the people who install malware infested crap on their PC. But this then brings us back to the real cause for a lot of malware and virus problems in general. It all comes back to the ID10T error.

Comment Re:Legalization (Score 1) 647

Oh no. So inconvenient! God forbid that, upon leaving a bar, a cop should ask you a few questions before allowing you to get behind the wheel. OHNOES!

Making me talk to any law enforcement officer for any reason without probable cause that I was doing anything illegal is a violation of my fourth amendment rights. Coming out of a bar is NOT probable cause. FUCK YOU and your high horse!!

Comment Re:Depressing, but not uncommon (Score 1) 1251

Wow, It must be nice to pull your self up to your esteemed position and then yank the ladder up so that the people behind you know who their betters are! Do you feel good knowing you can fire anybody who threatens you or your position? Does it make you feel warm and fuzzy and manly?

I wonder if you would have felt the same if it was the guy ahead of you who kicked the rung out and fired you for being "uppity" or a threat to him. PLEASE tell me who you work for or what company you own so I can make sure yo boycott the shit out of you.

You sir and your idea's are exactly what is wrong with the US today.

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