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Comment Countdown to catastrophe at Lloyd's begins.... (Score 1) 63

We can expect a replay of the Royal Bank of Scotland disaster. RBS got rid of 1500 staff who knew what they were doing, and replaced them with 750 outsourced amateurs. Result? A bollixed-up overnight batch, a fucked-up recovery, all banking services suspended for weeks, £56m fine, permanent loss of reputation.

Description RBS Disaster

Comment Wanna bet how long before the Big HSBC Fuck-up? (Score 1) 414

Here's what happened at Royal Bank of Scotland in 2012. They "made redundant" (aka fired) 1500 experienced locals and replaced them with 750 foreign contract workers.

Within a few months, the inexperienced contract workers screwed an update to the batch scheduling software (RBS, like most banks including HSBC, is an IBM mainframe shop). Then the same inexperienced workers screwed the recovery. It took almost a month to repair.

Wikipedia account of what happened
RBS bank's own account of what happened

IMHO something similar will happen at HSBC. Get your money out NOW.

Comment Re:Don't worry guys... (Score 3) 414

"The H1Bs have up to date skills"

Hahhahha, stop with the jokes already, you're killing me. The foreign body shop companies will send you recent graduates who have absolutely zero real-world experience.

Read about what happened at Royal Bank of Scotland when they sacked 1500 competent locals and hired 750 contract workers from a body shop.

Comment Not the First (Score 4, Informative) 246

TFA is just wrong, wrong, wrong. Not the first, not the biggest, not the most difficult.

Read this instead

A week of driving, trucks from several manufacturers, 2000 km Stockholm to Rotterdam across 4 borders.

Uber don't have a clue what they are up against. 120 miles? F**king amateurs.

Comment The Arrogance of Lawyers (Score 2) 68

"Haag said that her client Hurst -- of the law firm Orrick, Herrington and Sutcliffe -- should not be sanctioned because of "one arguable mistake... "

No, it's an open-and-shut case of contempt of court. Lawyers are supposed to, like, know the law.

Yet again, lawyers think they should be above the law, unlike the rest of us.

Go on, Alsup, jail her or expect this to be used as a precedent..

Comment Wait for it... (Score 3, Interesting) 195

Newsreader: in the latest IT scandal, Standard Initrode Corp has admitted that its Autobanger sex toys have been remotely hijacked by a variant of the Stuxnet virus. The effect of the hijacking is to cause the device to repeatedly apply the user's favorite settings, until the user becomes unresponsive. Last week's revelations by Federal investigators that a number of unexplained deaths among Congressmen and -women were caused by unexpected heart attacks may be related.

Comment "All services have been restored" (Score 1) 68

The outage lasted a LOT longer than 75 minutes. I tried repeatedly to get into BT webmail all morning - it was at least 3 hours after the outage before I succeeded. And during all that time, the BT DNS service was not working, so I couldn't do any other work.

#RANT# The BT-supplied router, the fornicating clunky useless and slow Home Hub 5, does not allow you to put in your own DNS servers. So while it is proof against subscriber morons, it is totally vulnerable to central morons#/RANT#

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