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Comment Betteridge's Law of Headlines (Score 1) 228

says no.

More seriously, I think that giving free speech to what is still after all these years just a little electronic box that reads instructions ultimately derived from its human masters, executes them, possibly stores the results somewhere, and then carries on blindly into the next instruction. Until the day we finally understand how to make computers think, they are just quite literally the mindless slaves of humans, and if they can't think or feel or attribute any sort of meaning to what they do that isn't fed to them through instructions they can't hold their own rights.

Why don't we just concentrate on the real problem of humans unjustly being denied freedom of speech instead?

Comment Re:Fun names worked great, for a while. (Score 3, Informative) 429

I'm currently volunteering as the head of the computing dept. of a student radio station, and this year we've gone completely the opposite way.

Why? Because when I arrived, we had a server called "*name of station*fs1" (File Server 1) which wasn't a file server, a server simply named "*name of station*" (makes for fun times when it goes down...!) which wasn't the main, all-powerful server, "jukebox" (which did run the station jukebox... and more) and some other systematic, role-based names such as *name*sw0 and *name*backup1 that'll probably stick better but who knows. Such names just don't work well when the workload moves across servers, we've found, which is often.

Then we got a new server for running builds/development stuff, and I decided, in an optimistic prediction of its stability and uptime, that it was going to be called bsod (Building Server of Development!). This sort of name still works quite well in non-backronymed form now that bsod is the main, generic Computing Team server. Since then, we've decided as a team that naming things with role-based names == setting up an artifact name bomb, and recent naming conventions have included naming servers in honour of well-loved Computer Science department lecturers, "dog" (of HELLO, THIS IS fame) and at one point a pair of servers was going to be called "red" and "blue", after a famous pair of handheld console RPGs...

Having said all this, the fact that we're run primarily by undergrad students and have a small number of servers means that we can get away with giving things silly names. We'll probably start CNAMEing/HOSTSing the role names eventually (already do this on the HOSTS level for the database server), so it doesn't matter if "dbserver" is "*name of station*specialpikachuedition" or whatever, and we can repoint the DNS if things move around!~

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