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Comment Re:Speaking as a structural firefighter in the US (Score 3, Informative) 67

In this instance, the study is with the Country Fire Authority in Victoria, which means they are mostly fighting bushfires dressed in overall type materials. Whilst they do structural fires too in the rural areas, wildfires are their bread and butter. A good example is today, where it's been 45 to 47 degrees celcius most of the day with less than 20% humidity. Add to that strong, searing hot winds. They are there for hours, days or even weeks in some cases They look something like this:

Comment Re:Don't complain about crime then (Score 2) 254

Yes they are not "undercover" as such but just unmarked or covert cars. The are generally easy to spot unless they are behind you. New South Wales Police are even taking advantage of this with a special batch of 50 highway cars highly marked and extremely visible from the rear, but almost covert from the front. They even have photos of their covert cars on their own Facebook pages.

Comment Re:T3000 (Score 1) 236

The Westfield at Kotara, NSW has paid parking, but you only pay after 3 hours. Less than that is free. On the plus side, they have installed a system to monitor car spaces and each one has a bi-colour light to show free or occupied. It makes it significantly easier to find a space. Westfield has to do something as their business model of increasing the rent each year to drive profit growth has slammed into a brick wall, with retail chains actively closing stores now in response to the massive rents.

Comment Re:Good for them.... (Score 1) 2115

I've often thought this would be a great and fair idea. n=20% is probably a good rate too. If you earn a dollar you pay 20 cents tax; if you earn $1million you pay $200,000 tax. No deductions, no offsets. It would put a whole sector of hangers-on out of work, but wouldn't it be great overall. I'd love to see how the actual tax collection figures stack up versus the current system. The claims that it'll deter investment are a nonsense. If there is a dollar to be made, people will be in it.

Comment Nudity != Porn (Score 1) 350

I'm quite perplexed as to how these zeolots have managed to get the mainstream populace to go along with "nudity == porn". Now we have a society that is terrified of taking photos of their own children and any photographer even near children is viewed with suspicion. Whilst porn generally involves some nudity, the converse is not the case. Nudity without a sexual context cannot be pornography. There really isn't a paedophile hiding behind every tree waiting to photograph your children and beat off to the pics later.

Comment Re:Bluff City is south of Bristol Motor Speedway (Score 1) 680

A good test of the purpose for the cameras being installed is this: "Are the cameras clearly sign posted?"
Here in NSW, AU most speed cameras in high traffic areas are clearly sign posted, generally with 3 sets of big, can't miss them warning signs, especially on the motorways. This is about to change a little with our red light cameras being upgraded to digital "safety" cameras that do both speed and red light runners although they are still signposted. We are also about to get the mobile semi covert car based cameras again, but even they used to have to place a sign on the road to warn you.

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