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Comment Re:Why do we care about his political views? (Score 1) 717

I was gonna say, there certainly aren't any that affect criminals. "Oh look, a sign that says no guns, well I'm just gonna walk right past that..." or "Shit Carlos they passed a law, remember? Today is the day we have to turn all our guns in to the police department!" "Oh damn you are right! I will go start our stolen car, you round up all the illegal guns we have and put them in a box!" Meanwhile there is a man with a drill press and 5 milling bits making his own AR-15's for $100 each.

Comment Re:Hey Slashdot Editor! (Score 1) 341

At least the acid rain went away. The scrubber tech works, no matter which way you spin it. Even the CO2 tech works, it's just that no one is going to buy it unless they have to. There are plenty of coal plants that put out nothing but water vapor, but environmental nutjobs love to sweep that fact under the rug. Most people don't remember when the radiation myth was debunked. Greenpeace had demanded to be let into one a coal burning plant to take a radiation reading. The powerbroker obliged, but only as long as they could take a reading from the building that GP used as a headquarters. Turns out the headquarters had 5 times as much background radiation as the coal plant because it was made from granite. Pretty positive it was Alcoa, made them all look like idiots. Clean coal scrubber tech is real, and it works, end of story. If people want to complain about mining then they should go to their democratic government and make it an issue, as had been done with gay marriage, marijuana legalization and abortion (things activists actually care about, which is themselves, not the environment).

Comment Re:Better get used to it, THQ (Score 1) 281

The RROD debacle was 7 years ago. Microsoft replaced all the consoles free of charge, which actually improved their brand image from many people's perspectives. I didn't want to buy an xbox until I heard about the stellar replacement policy. After that I though 'who gives a shit, they will just keep fixing it'. You can't beat that. It's also how GM improved their brand image. 100k warranty? Fine. I'll buy a Chevrolet, the biggest piece of shit car company on the face of the earth, just because I don't have to pay to fix it. Done deal. Plus the only 'reports' that MS lost money selling consoles is from 3-rd rate 'analysts' that work for journalists. They aren't even part of the industries they comment on and have no way of knowing what is actually going on. They just speculate on poorly gathered data and make up whatever the fuck they want.

Comment Re:Alternate Reality - The Game (Score 1) 308

Well at least there is evidence that the problem is not me. I used to love games, and now I don't. They are all so simple and easy. Even games that are hard, it is only hard because they force it that way, not because the gameplay is that much more challenging (making CoD hard just changes damage stats, doesn't change the crappy mechanics). I figured that I must be getting older, and out of the target market segment for games, and that is why I don't like them anymore. But if the article is right and studios are designing the games like 'throwing spices in a soup' then no wonder they aren't fun anymore.

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