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Comment How about UNRESTRICTED Internet? (Score 0, Interesting) 70

I wonder how many of those HUNDREDS of thousands (no thanks to the title writer) have UNRESTRICTED access to the internet? It's of no use to people if the Government tells you what you can and cannot read. "There are thousands of books in the library. All of them are Mao's little red book."

Comment Remember FreeDows (Score 0) 146

Remember FreeDows? From the over-promising, overbearing, over-confident Reese Sellin? The one that caused so much tension within is group of FREE developers that they all quit? The one who used to respond to true and due criticism with, "Have you ever designed your own micro-kernal?" Designed a barely W3.1 clone in a WXP world.

Comment Shouldn't be, but are. (Score 0) 57

The problem is, that horse is out of the barn and has left the coral and far down the road. No amount of recrimination will fix it. The system needs to be overhauled completely, with complete reissue of a new style SSN and the banking industry coming up with a separate and new system of positive ID.

Comment Bain of IA are DoD Contractors (Score 0) 57

The last 5 or 6 major breaches/spillages of sensitive/PII/FOUO information in the DoD were either directly caused by IT contractors or from IT contractor maintained systems. Be it HP, DT, BA, SAIC, or CSC. Most of my IA department's arguments are not about security of government systems, they are about the security of the contractor systems and why WE the government employees should be controlling those networks.

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