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Comment Definitely T-mobile (Score 1) 294

In addition to their Pay-As-You-Go plans, T-mobile also has what they call their Monthy 4G Prepaid plans...you have to provide your own phone (or purchase one of their no-contract phones), but for $30 you get 1500 minutes a month for talk/text, and 30 mb for data, which is enough for basic email and occasional web browsing (if your phone supports those things; my Samsung t259 flip phone does, which can definitely come in handy at times).

And no, I don't work for T-mobile.

Comment Okay... (Score 1) 495

If the wii is launching in the US on November 19th at a cost of $250, then why does the Nintendo Japan page for the wii http://www.nintendo.co.jp/wii/index.html say "2006 12.2 Start?" And why does Amazon list the Gamecube verson of Zelda: Twilight Princess as available on Nov 2nd? Wouldn't both versions likely launch at the same time?

And didn't Nintendo say they'd launch before the PS3?

And didn't they hint that the launch price of the wii might be determined by looking at the launch prices of their previous consoles (all of which launched at $200?)

I dunno, but I'd still put my money on an early November launch with a $200 price point.

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