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Comment Re:Stumbling blocks (Score 1) 259

And all of those concerns are insignificant when you consider tacking on an AI that can execute maneuvers, handle turbulence, variable winds, bad accelerometer data... generally do the things a UAV needs to do in order to get to and from its coordinates.

You can fudge things a little here and there with weight & power but get a seg fault in your autopilot and watch your plane crash into a hillside. :)

Anyone know of open-source projects for controlling these things?

Comment Re:4th Recall in 5 years (Score 1) 75

They need better r&d and testing.

See "The R&D issue"

Hurd, shifting now into a mock dialogue with an HP researcher: "'You know, Bill Hewlett is calling us from the heavens, saying, Spend more on R&D.' And I'm like, 'Guys, I'm glad Bill's calling, but I've got a few questions before we take the call.'"

This is what happens when you try to engineer something with teams around the world.

This is what happens when you try to engineer something without engineers.

I bet dollars to doughnuts that they just design the package and are having problems with the cell manufacturers.

I bet dollars to doughnuts that when they slap their logo on the battery and sell it as their own, they're liable.

Comment Re:Just letting of some steam: dv6000? WTF? (Score 1) 75

I hear ya... I now have 2 laptops with recalled batteries, a desktop with a bad Nvidia chipset that they waited until was out of warranty to recall, and another desktop that I bought factory "refurbished" that arrived with a broken DVD burner that had pieces audibly loose inside, a shattered SATA power connector hanging off the power supply, and (a year later) developed a problem of spitting out garbled text at POST instead of booting up. At least when I pried open that DVD burner I found a beat up pr0n disc.

Seriously, how bad does quality control have to be to refurbish a computer but miss two broken parts including a DVD drive that won't even open and close?

Whatever quality HP used to have is looooong gone.
They're just another crap commodity PC producer hoping their products will go out of warranty before all the defects manifest.

Comment Re:Write them to a DVD jukebox (Score 1) 381

Most modern CD/DVD writers implement some form of buffer-underrun protection. Like you note, a custom writer might be needed, but not extremely customized with "custom formatted media."

Nuclear power plants used to pay in the high hundreds of thousands of dollars for WORM drives with the capacity of a DVD. I'm actually surprised there aren't any OS projects utilizing buffer-underrun protection to turn a DVD?R into a poor man's WORM-like drive.

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