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Comment I love my company (Score 1) 498

When I need a new laptop I send them the specs of exactly what I want.. .then they buy it and ship it to me. I then install the OS from scratch and put whatever I want on it (including some corporate softwarre we have licenses for like MS Office and such) The joys of working from home :-)

Comment Re:Business as usual (Score 2) 419

That actually would be ok ..... IF the common man controlled the government. Notice that when populations are small... there is far less complaining about the govt. The problem is that when elites control the govt (which is the case in many places) you're statement has a lot of truth to it Heck, in the US we've reached the point where NEITHER party cares about civil liberties. I must be a weird guy.. because I find a lot of common ground with both Bernie Sanders (socialist) and Ron Paul (libertarian)

Comment Re:NO. Flying is a right, not a privilege. (Score 1) 559

While I appreciate the spirit of your commment...the problem is that it's not just the passengers that can be affected.... Remember that the planes on 9-11 crashed into buildings containing people who had NO agreement with the airline That being said.. I agree that the current TSA nonsense is completely useless... the Israeli method would be far superior

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