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Comment Re:oh yes please can i get some more fart apps (Score 2) 323

Yes, let's not forgot all those puzzle games on the Android market either. And here is a great game that just in...."Guess My Ass". WOW what a game! A must buy!!

Look...I have a Droid X and I have an iPad...Both are great devices. BUT...the iOS App store is lightyears ahead of the Android Market. The App exposer is absolute horrible on the Android market...Honestly it fucking sucks! Half the good shit is completely buried between garbage apps and ad all over your screen apps. I actually hate it..I've only purchased 1 app the whole time I've had my Droid (8 months about??). I've purchased a shit load on my iPad.....

iOS Developers can keep making those fart apps, because there will be 100 good apps to that 1 fart app on the App store. While there will be 1 good app to those 100 garbage apps on the Android market...Which you can't fucking find!!!

No disrecept to those Android developers and Google out there, but you need to step up your game.....

Comment Re:It's the apps, stupid (Score 1) 159

I actually agree with this pretty much...Looking at the market on my Droid X, I find that the presentation of the apps absolutely HORRIBLE compared to the IOS App store. Where is the "What's Hot" section??? How long has Gmail been on the "Top Free" list??? How about a Staff Favorites section??? How about screenshots of the app that doesn't fucking flip when you try at look at them landscape???

Games?? HAHAH....People talk about fart apps on IOS, how about puzzle games on the Andriod....holy crap...can there by anymore??? Thanks for Angry Bird at least!

Android "isn't all that" kinda...MEH to me....

Comment Family Ties (Score 1) 772

I remember watching Family Ties where Alex went crazy when he was offered a Wall Street job for 40K. Now, you'd struggle pretty hard trying to feed a family of 4 or at least not enjoy all the goodies in life. 75k-80K is pretty good for a single person. For a family of 4 it's OK, but alot of struggles....While I make a more then 75K plus bonuses, I'm so glad my wife likes to have a career too!


AMD Breaks 1GHz GPU Barrier With Radeon HD 4890 144

MojoKid writes "AMD announced today that they can lay claim to the world's first 1GHz graphics processor with their ATI Radeon HD 4890 GPU. There's been no formal announcement made about what partners will be selling the 1GHz variant, but AMD does note that Asus, Club 3D, Diamond Multimedia, Force3D, GECUBE, Gigabyte, HIS, MSI, Palit Multimedia, PowerColor, SAPPHIRE, XFX and others are all aligning to release higher performance cards." The new card, says AMD, delivers 1.6 TeraFLOPs of compute power.

Comment A helping hand (Score 1, Insightful) 623

I think it's time for US companies to abandon those oversea cheap labor idea's and bring back those low paying jobs back into the US. I know the whole Global economy is a mess, but I'm a firm believer of "Charity Starts in the Home". There are so many people right now that would take those jobs. There was what, 4000 people interviewing for 150 jobs at Wal-Mart?? Times are going to get tougher and we need to reel that shit in.

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