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Comment Re:oh my (Score 1) 760

Bread is a grain, regardless of how "dark" it is. Yes, you've gotta have roughage, but you can get plenty of fiber from fruits and vegetables (raspberries, kale, and avocados are super high in fiber, but the list is much longer than that).

Grains are completely unessential in our diet at best, and at worst, detrimental to our health in the long run.

pure basic logic says that you have to burn exactly the same amount of calories that you absorb for maintenance and cutting fats to reach that is generally pretty easy.

Completely false. Cutting fats and/or calorie-counting is not how one maintains a healthy body weight. The body is far more complex than people think, it's not as simple as "calorie in, calorie out" and "eating fat = getting fat." Like I said above, pick up "Good Calories, Bad Calories," it will blow your mind and change how you view calories, fat, and diet in general.

Comment Re:oh my (Score 1) 760

Your earlier "misinformed" jab at roman_mir is kind of ironic, because actually it's you who is misinformed.

...varied diet complete with...grains...lean meat etc. keeps me as healthy as possible.

There's plenty of evidence that grains are actually not good for us, that they lead to inflammation in the body, which can in turn lead to all sorts of ailments (Crohn's disease, IBS, arthritis, skin problems). Not to mention refined/processed carbohydrates spike insulin levels and encourage fat storage as opposed to fat-burning. Also, there is nothing wrong with saturated fat (fatty cuts of meat, coconut oil, bacon fat, cheese, butter, etc) or cholesterol. Start here:

And then pick up a copy of Gary Taubes's "Good Calories, Bad Calories" and Mark Sisson's "The Primal Blueprint." Prepare to have your tree shaken.

Comment PwdHash for me (Score 1) 563

For web-based stuff, I use the PwdHash add-on for Firefox, which works great. Basically, you just choose a single password and it hashes it based on the domain it's meant for. So, e.g., I could have a single password such as "shitfaced55" which actually gets hashed BEFORE being sent to a particular web site. This results in having different passwords for each web site: 2g1bYcfwf3n3D
Facebook: 6VO3LkHWNvbZW
Twitter: GAPMnL7GtD0wk

All I have to do is, in a given password field, type @@ followed by "shitfaced55" and when you tab out of the field, PwdHash hashes it for that particular site. Works great!

Comment Re:Please give me GM everything. (Score 1) 835

It's very unlikely that it is worse than the stuff people willingly expose themselves to - drugs, alcohol, sugar, fried foods, etc. Hell even vegetables can be bad for you. As a non-obese diet caffeine free soda drinker in his early thirties that has recently found out he is diabetic I can tell you that damn near everything you could want to eat seems to be cursed.

If you knew how to eat properly, you wouldn't have these problems and you most certainly would not have adult diabetes. And please clue me in on which vegetables are bad for you, I'd love to hear about that.

Comment It's blue light (Score 1) 351

The sleep disruption is due to "blue light" in LCD displays. It's a certain temperature range (around 5000K-6500K) that the human body perceives as daylight (which is about 5600K I believe), so it tricks your body into staying awake.

Someone above mentioned F.lux which is a great app to change your screen's color temperature as the sun sets. I've used it and it indeed does work, I'm actually able to get sleepy while using the computer, whereas before, I could easily stay up all night.

Comment Save your asses (Score 1) 520

Not quite related to layout, but this is rather about the desk setup: do everyone a favor and get adjustable height desks that allow you to use traditionally (seated), or raise up and use standing up. Developers sit all day, and as a result, their glutes sustain a lot of damage and atrophy. Basically they're in a static stretch all day long, which is not good. Standing workstations are great, but sometimes people will want to sit, so I think adjustable height is the way to go. Better for your backs, and you'll save your asses. Literally.

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