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Submission + - MobileMe: iCards service is no longer available

CaptDeuce writes: I logged onto my Paid-Online-Service-Formerly-Known-as-.Mac today to send a thank you iCard. They are gone. After searching about, this is what I discovered:

iCards service was discontinued with the release of MobileMe on July 9, 2008 (2008-07-09). The removal of the feature was announced on June 9, 2008 as part of the .Mac to MobileMe Transtion FAQ.

If you use a Mac running Mac OS X v10.5 or later, you can use Mail's stationery feature in Mac OS X v10.5 or later, which offers more than 30 professionally designed stationery templates with coordinated layouts, fonts, and colors. You can customize your message to your liking by dragging and dropping photos from your iPhoto library, changing fonts, rewriting headlines, and more.

In other words, Apple is telling us we are on our own. Those 'professionally designed' templates are total crap compared to the wonderful iCard images.

The only notification of the iCard termination I received as a charter .Mac subscriber required following an easy to overlook link at the end of the email announcement to the .Mac to MobileMe transition FAQ. (Other casualties were .Mac slides and 10.3 Panther sync support.) Apple's other suggestion? 'many third-party greeting card services ... available online ... can easily be located using your favorite Internet search engine'. Thanks, Apple!

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