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Journal Journal: Linux Fickleness

Mandrake 9 lasted all of a day. It's gone now; replaced by Slackware 9. Superior in that it's tweakable and doesn't have wizards that conflict with other "wizards".

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Journal Journal: Mandrake 9

Back to Mandrake 9 on my box. Sad really. It's been a headache from Red Hat 8 to Suse 8.1 to Mandrake 9. My small 8 gig harddrive with Rh8 bit the dust prompting a move to the 80 gig harddrive. Lacking the space to do a proper install, i installed Suse twice (Both times without a Bootdisk) to a partition lying 65 gigs in. Guess what? Lilo can't find anything that far out (nor GRUB). So I downloaded Drake 9 and installed it (having downloaded two FULL SUSE 8.1 == 5 gig the day before). Finally decided that booting off a floppy wasn't a proper way to run my box so I reinstalled to a new paritition. 30gig Ext3, 30gig fat32, 15gig Ext3. Ironically, the second install of drake on the new partition is working well. No network issues that the original setup creates and the automounter seems to be working better (it was not mounting or creating /dev/hdb/ properly). I'm trying to update right now using live update in the control center. Unfortunately, 9.1 just hit the net... and Slashdot advertising doesn't help much. All the update sites are timing out and so I can't seem to update... timeout.

At least Drake 9 has Rage128 TVOUT support built in. If i can just figure out what kernel options it is, then modify the kernel config to allow for v4l then I can use it to watch tv and capture and out to TV. The dream...

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Journal Journal: TVUX

Well... lots has changed since last. I'm going to try to install openmosix on my RH8 Server (Athlon XP 1700+, 512MB, ATI AIW R128Pro, 80 Gig HDD) as well as Freevo! We'll see how it goes.. especially now that Open Mosix 2.4.19 allows GCC 3.2 compile!


Journal Journal: Mosix UP!

Finally put up a 2 node MOSIX cluster (C700 notebook and 1gig Ath). Had a little correspondence with Clump/OS lead Jean-David Marrow and he was very helpful in solving the issue (kernel patch options on RH machine were different than Clump's). It also helped to have the newest Clump which came out yesterday (5.4) with ping added (because of my suggestion :P). It now has TightVNC which is pretty sweet. It looks like Mr. Marrow intends to transition the product... where I don't know.


Journal Journal: Mosix Cluster (Server up!)

Me and petrovski went through the labour of installing 2.4.17 kernel on my rh7.2 box (Athlon 1 gig, 512mb sdr) and then patching the Mosix 1.5.7 patch. The result: one mosix server (minus X; yes yes - ATI card issue).
Downloaded MSTOP and MPS to check if it works and lists the node as active. Sounds good so far. Next of course is getting Clump OS to work on the Danish Laptop (Vega) and it seems to be a crazy combination of SVGALib and the nic... hard to say since even expert mode is screwy. Found a pretty resource to read up when I have the time... clustering . Props to pete for the help.


Journal Journal: Clustering...

Got the silly idea that clustering would be cool. Blame Pachyderm Software for their Clump OS Bootable CD. Mosix clustering. I went and read up on it furthermore. IBM Software group had a pretty decent write up. A little amateur in some parts; especially when he discusses the testing he did with the 2 node cluster. Would be kinda cool to hit some Seti@home units tho. Ideally, add a laptop to the home network to go with the mainbox and router and mosix everything and suddenly all computers are helping out in all tasks. Sounds extremely efficient cause most of the time my computer is idle (or as idle as ICQ and mirc downloading gets) and same with the router box.
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Journal Journal: Cool! A Journal!

Wow. I just noticed the Journal option on the left navigation bar. It's been here all along and I feel daft for not noticing earlier (why did i just use the word daft? I'm not bloody British!).

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