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Comment Failsauce (Score 0) 378

I tested all the beta versions of 8 and told my IT community friends how absolutely stupid 8 was. I remember telling them the concept was great for tablets and phones, but not for the everyday work desktop. But the IT sheeple spit out the typical. Oh, your just resistant to change and the same old rethoric that sheeple where told to accept. Um, not only did Windows 8 fail miserably. When Windows 8.1 came out you could now click on the start button. It brought back the metro apps. Really? How ***** dumb and blind can one be? I don't know, but you can ask him and see him dancing with his new basketball team, because he "resigned" from Microsoft after that. Yet, here they go again. Following Apple's model when clearly the Android market took over YEARS ago. In other words the people wanted a la cart. The newer generation of users are not like Apple users that want to be told to sit down, shut up, and do what we say. They want more freedom to be unique. So, this whole concept of unified OS is nice in a browser, but the whole OS across all devices. Get over it, that's the difference between and Apple, Windows, and Android user. It's kind of like New Coke. Someone had to be sitting at the exec table when they made New Coke, took a sip, thought it tasted like crap, but just smiled, and said, "Yep JP that's a good decision". FYI, Coke never regained top dog of soda after that seriously stupid move. Not mention "original Coke" was brought back. Ah-ha! Some people will have Windows 10 forced on them, some people will give into Windows 10 out of convenience, and the majority will just hang to Windows 7 like they did XP. If they were really smart Microsoft could make a business/pro version of this. With an extra $20 charge or so, you would have the option to get the start button. People would actually pay to keep it and Microsoft could make what they want..more money. I'm telling you I don't care how many sheeples blindly jump on the bandwagon. The modern consumer will talk with their money, by not buying it. Unless, they make some sort of option. They will make more failsauce like Windows 8, Windows 8.1,.....and now Windows 10?

Submission + - Wording emails concerning security alerts or warnings

Capt.Michaels writes: This topic may have been covered before and even possibly now buried in links somewhere. I need to send alerts or warnings to employees at a fledgling, but somewhat sizable company. My debacle is sending these alerts without freaking everyone out at the company, causing the help desk to get flooded with phone calls and minimize the really dumb calls that might come anyway. For example: Let's say the current IE exploit that MS recommends not using their browser.
I don't want everyone killing our limited help desk with ridiculous questions like, I downloaded "insert browser name here", how can I get my tool bar, how do I bookmark things in this browser, can you tell me which browser you recommend, can you teach me computers? Ugh! My inclination is, this will pass. Say nothing until update comes out on whatever issue and just patch vulnerability later. I know better judgement and experience will leverage all issues. However, what format and wording should I use when I do need to send out emails?

Comment Better persepective and less raging? (Score 1) 609

Okay first of all to post after a product is released and use mixed standards to hate on something is wrong. The orignal post uses some weak comparison of Apple sales to prove a product didn't take off and it's therefore no good. If that's the case lets talk about the HTC HD2 Windows 6v when it came out. The first day in 4 hours it SOLD OUT in the US, gone. They released it again and within the first week, SOLD OUT, not 400k plus or millions, or numbers, Gone, sold out. So according to those bias standards you using for Apple. Apple has been defeated before Win7 phone came out. Now, lets talk about Windows 7 phone. Windows is just now trying to get back to full swing smartphone sales. People are a little skiddish of a new product. They want to see how it does so there not rushing in. Look, I Love Linux and I like Windows very much. Don't make rage about Apple's newest release Iphone 4 and the plethora of epic failures yet people keep buying the phone just because it has apps, really? I mean I can get a Boost phone with Apps. I'm interested in the Windows 7 myself, I'm slowly, cautiously researching this before/if I get it. However, don't rage against one product so biased. Can you name a few innovative products from MS? Really, I mean really? Would you like to know the first time in years Apple's stock had a sudden spike in it's stock %6? It's when Apple started dual booting into Windows. Get over it. MS has issues, I don't agree with a lot of things they do, but they are the biggest target on the market. Unlike, Steveo that gets pissed like a little child when he tries to take ninja throwing stars onto a plane in Japan and pitches a fit for being told no. Then tries to cover it up, playing the he said, she said game. Microsoft has issues, and so does Apple. Leave the unspoken holy war, raging, out okay.

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