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Comment Re:Be there for him... (Score 1) 125

Good idea.
The last time I took a week off, 2 days in my phone started ringing off the hook. I was in a museum at the time.
I correctly diagnosed the problem over the phone and told them what to do to fix it, but when I got to work the following Monday. The problem still had not been fixed. I don't think anyone did any work that week.
Sadly, they learned nothing.

Comment Re:Be there for him... (Score 4, Insightful) 125

When I took over my current position, I leaned heavily on my predecessor. It wasn't until he took a months vacation that I finally had to make the job my own.
So be there for the new SA, but make sure that after a certain point it all becomes his responsibility.
Something along the line of:
First month, training
Second month, I will help
Third month, I will answer questions. If I remember
Past third month, Moral support.

Comment Re:Consumers will choose the best option (Score 1) 399

then you are cast iron evidence of what a non-digital watch is - jewellery.

I have about 30 watches and you are partly right. Watches are definitely jewellery.
I have worn a watch since my grandfather gave me my first watch almost 40 years ago. So habit is a strong influence for me.
They are also a brilliant piece of mechanical engineering. I have never been able to resist a brilliant piece of mechanical engineering.

I doubt very much that I will buy a smart watch.

Comment Re:Hackers? (Score 2) 89

I agree with you, but you and I don't get a vote. The next time someone convinces someones grandmother to give out their bank password there will be one more story in the media about evil hackers.
Perhaps it is time to surrender. I gave in when they started calling this "." a dot. It hurt, but I got over it... Mostly.

Comment Re:Nope, it's the homeless (Score 1) 320

The homeless I see often near my work.
Crying baglady. (Always on the same corner, amd always crying.)
Shirtless birthday guy. (It is always his birthday, and he moves corners.)
Homeless HIV+ guy. (He is so unflaggingly upbeat and positive, [pun intended], that I have given him a few bucks once in a while.)
I need to get to $PLACE to see my daughter. (I fell for it the first time I saw him. Now I loudly call him on his BS.)

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