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Comment How do you backup your backup program? (Score 1) 329

How do you backup your backup program? I you use a special encryption and coding (e.g. barcode) program, you will need it in 10, 20, 30 years when you disaster actually happens. How do you make sure that the program you need to recover you data still is available?
Their is few doubts that OCR will still be available. However, barcodes and LUKS might be obsolete...

Comment Actually, it works ! (Score 1) 379

The guy uploaded the analysis from a professor of Florida University which notes improvements over regular cranks... However, not the ones claimed in the video.
What is nice is that the first paragraph contradicts the video : "As far as mechanical advantages is concerned, the angle crank does not offer any more than the traditional straight-link crank[...]". The Pr sees the higher momentum of inertia as beneficial for pedalling as well as the bending mode, concluding that those two properties are obviously not intended.

As far as I am concerned I am not quite sure I would like to have more momentum of inertia to overcome and I find the effective improvement from flexure mode dubious.

Comment Re:The third option (Score 5, Interesting) 536

My work implies writing aeronautical software specifications. In order to facilitate FAA/EASA certification of the system, we are required to stick to the KISS principle. Data validity checks are done almost everywhere, but we are asked to design the logics so that they do not need to use these data validity statuses. Degraded mode is done through the use of failsafe values. The consumer of a data do not need to know the status of the producer. The whole system is designed so that it works and is robust with minimal use of alternate logics.

This principle works well with dataflow oriented program and might be adaptable to other domains.

Comment Re:Thanks, Toshiba (crosses off purchase list) (Score 5, Informative) 268

Because Toshiba sells repairs. Or at least sells nice "Toshiba-authorised" stickers to repair-shop which in exchange expect advantages over non authorised shops. It's actually written in the middle of TFA citing Toshiba lawyers:
“The manuals are only available to Toshiba authorised service providers under strict confidentiality agreements.” “It is not our company policy to grant authorisation for the use or reproduction of Toshiba manuals to anyone who is not an authorised Toshiba service provider.”

Comment Re:Um... (Score 5, Informative) 590

Jet engines are quite inefficient. The main problem being power I would start with props.
To get an idea of the power needed, just take a regional aircraft, for example an ATR equiped with two PW100. That makes roughly 7000kW of energy provided to propellers. Lets suppose you have 100%-efficient electrical motors, and let aside aircraft internal consumption.
Now this paper suggest that high density power solar cells provides about 1kW/sqm. The only challenge is to find 7000sqm of surface exposed to the sun on a 22m long and 24m wide aircraft.

So far, the only electrical plane that I have been able to see were ultra light aircraft which could barely support they own weight and a pilot. Still a long way until commercial exploitation.

Comment Re:NTP and hospitals (Score 1) 290

Medical equipments have to cope with safety issues. I would not be surprised if it would be more important for a medical equipment to have a stable clock than an accurate one. Moreover, I guess most hospitals would prefer to set manually the time on each clock than having to set up and maintain a NTP system for non critical applications.

Comment Re:Attacking the soul of France... (Score 1) 402

Nicolas Sarkozy has been elected thanks to far right supporters votes. Now new elections are coming and he tries again the magical recipe which got him elected. During his whole mandate, Nicolas Sarkozy tried to keep this support in order to minimize the threat of the main far right party, the Front National. However, this policy eventually got him criticism from liberals of his own party.

Since the retirement of its old leader, the Front National is led by the old leader's daughter, Marine Le Pen, who tries to establish its party as a "normal party" and get rid of racism accusations. This policy seems to work and she gathers more and more official support... from people who voted Nicolas Sarkozy. The actual president has therefore to fight for far right votes without loosing to much votes from center-right to his socialist opponent. Moreover, the president Sarkozy has a long history of fight for Internet regulation, pleading for a "civilised Internet". Several laws he passed eventually got deemed unconstitutional or contrary to the European Convention on Human Right.

Finally, Sarkozy has always been very communication and PR oriented. He always reacted very fast (1 day reaction time, much better than French administration) to any event with big declarations about new laws that are to be applied "very soon". This last proposal just doesn't represent anything. It could not pass the constitutional court and cannot even be voted. French presidents start their mandates directly after their election and the legislative session of his current mandate has already ended. That's nothing but communication.

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