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Comment Bitcoin, Ethereum or Monero (Score 1) 271

There are only two cryptocurrencies with any real momentum today: Bitcoin and Ethereum. The former has a huge head start, while Ethereum is more ambitious and attempts to offer a broader platform for running smart contracts. On the fringe you can add Monero or possibly Zcash (doesn't exist yet) as more privacy centric options. If you believe that any of these have a chance for broader adoption and use then you're still very early in the game as far as investments go. On the other hand, they could all fail and go to zero.

Comment Re:privacy and security. (Score 1) 583

Does anyone work for a defense contractor or otherwise secure institution that's using Windows 10? If this data leakage does end up resulting in lost sales for Microsoft, then that would be the biggest factor in changing their minds. So far, I'm not sure that there's been any downside to Microsoft for their choices in end user privacy.

Comment Unscientific Measurement (Score 1) 154

Unless the device knows what bandwidth utilization is like on the connection, this is nearly useless. The measurement needs to be done at the router or egress port level or for all the raspberry pi knows, there a dozen other devices on the network segment using 90% of the bandwidth for torrents, netflix, etc.

Comment Re:No shit. (Score 1) 91

So, G+ is slowly becoming what Orkut was..

How was Orkut? (I remember it was popular among some segments)

Orkut was great! I got an invite, logged in and forgot about it for years until Google announced that they were killing it. Google+ on the other hand annoys the crap out of me. Lets hope that eventually Google will get back to their Orkut roots.

Comment Re:Its laugh track is a crime against humanity (Score 1, Interesting) 406

OK, so if they have a live studio audience, how is it they managed to make it sound exactly like the laugh track from the Brady Bunch? The outcome is terrible regardless of whether the source is recorded or live.

They traveled back in time to the day of your birth and trained you to be a misanthrope who detests the sound of live human laughter?

Just a guess. You already seem intent upon disregarding any aspect of reality that conflicts with your preconceived notions, so I may as well go big.

I find Seinfeld and That 70s Show, both filmed in front of a live studio audience to be funny and the audience laughter doesn't bother me in the slightest. There's something different about TBB. Maybe it's the writing, maybe the audience is prompted to laugh at every joke no matter how mediocre - either way, it's missing something or this thread wouldn't exist.

Comment Re:The War On Drugs is a War On Sick People (Score 1) 53

How about we just lock up thieves?

I know it sounds a bit crazy, but not all thieves are drugs users and not all drug users are thieves.

Maybe not all drug users are thieves, but most addicts will eventually turn to desperate measures to obtain drugs including thievery and violence. Taking the funds that are currently used in the war on drugs and providing substance abuse assistance is likely to be far more effective than attempting to curtail the flow of drugs through other means.

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