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Comment Glucose anyone? (Score 2, Interesting) 1017

Given that glucose is what our bodies run on, I'd have to say no, sugar is NOT toxic to us. Is having too much sugar bad for you? Certainly. It's about balance. Too much of nearly anything (even water) is going to be bad for you.

Comment Re:Fuel-Saving? (Score 1) 572

Current method of starting a car may indeed do so. (Mythbusters, find this out!)

The article mentions 'quickly restarting'.... might involve a different method for starting the vehicle.

Gosh, I'd hate to think what this would do to your car battery when stuck in NY/LA traffic or something....

Comment But it's already here!!! (Score 1) 121

"It won't be long before video from the Internet is always within reach — whether it's on a smart phone, a tablet computer or a high-end television in your living room."

Umm.... I thought video from the internet already was always within reach? I can get to video from the internet via my smartphone, iPad, AND TV already!!!

Comment Re:How about most mice/trackballs. (Score 1) 426

Logitech makes 'thumb marbles'...not trackballs... I don't care what they call 'em, not a single one of them are a full sized trackball.

Kensington's Expert Mouse trackball has always been ambidexterous and provides for switching the buttons in the drivers/companion software. Love these things. Have used 'em for well over a decade.

In fact, -all- of kensington's trackballs are ambidexterous.

Comment Re:How Does the Same Company Make iPods and iTunes (Score 5, Insightful) 390

Or, more simply put:

The products Apple make are the closest thing to 'appliances' you can get in the computer world.

Most people look at PCs as appliances, like a toaster or a TV. That's why they get frustrated and confused when something doesn't work like it always did - like a toaster. Most people don't understand just how mind-bendingly complex a PC and its OS is and that it just takes one of a brazillion things to go wrong and think we look like jerks because we cannot articulate why it doesn't work anymore. Apple's computers and consumer electronics are all about simplifying the user experence. To do that, it has to be limited, consistent and work the same way every time; otherwise you get the support nightmare that Windows PCs have been for a very long time.

Some people are fine with that... others aren't. The whole 'choice' argument against apple is sort of a red herring really. Your choices are: Apple and their appliance model or PC's and their DIY model. Pick one.


Comment Am I supposed to look at a keyboard, or not? (Score 1) 77

This is weird. If this is just a keyboard, and I should be focusing my attention on a monitor, then all the eye candy on the keyboard is really a fail. Switching keyboards on the fly is pretty cool, but then the upper screen should be chopped off and the keyboard made smaller.

BUT if there is no monitor, then I have 3/4 of a touchpad devoted to a keyboard, and I can't see a lot of my work above.

Even the Timex Sinclair had a better viewing area: typing area ratio. The keyboard takes two tasks and makes them harder.

Comment WebOS can run CPU's other than ARM (Score 1) 170

No, they wouldn't have to go with ARM. WebOS is linux based, they'd just need to recompile the kernel and libraries, and include whatever drivers are needed for the slate hardware. Oh, and a boot loader, I guess. None of that takes long to do tho - Hell, they might have already done it.

In fact, the webOS sdk runs on a virtual x86 cpu with virtualbox. It's just a cross-compile of the kernel and libs with hardware drivers for the VirtualBox hardware.


Submission + - SETI Inst Announces Availability of Telescope Data (

An anonymous reader writes: The SETI Institute, an interdisciplinary scientific organization that explores the nature of life throughout the universe, announced that starting today it will make large quantities of astronomical radio telescope data accessible to astronomers and other scientists as part of an effort to build a global community of searchers for evidence of extra-terrestrial intelligence. The radio telescope data will be made available through setiQuest

Submission + - Universities Ban iPads for wifi "malfunctions" (

amitava writes: Some US universities, including Princeton, George Washington University has blocked a number of the new iPads for DHCP malfunction where the device stops renewing DHCP Lease and keeps using IP address.

. Princeton University in New Jersey has blocked 20 percent of the iPads on campus because of "malfunctions that can affect the entire school's computer system."

In a report, Princeton said the iPad causes DHCP client malfunctions, which basically means the tablet causes interference for other devices using the school's wireless network. In order to prevent that interference, Princeton has been blocking the offending iPads.


Read more about it


The Neo-Geo Song 70

At least 50% of my paychecks would be converted into tokens and put into one of many Neo-Geo machines at the arcade when I was in high school. It's good that my favorite old games finally have an anthem.

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