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Comment Politically-Correct Hackers (Score 1) 41

PCHs might. Not for the money, they'd come to the teacher anyway and tattle-tale all about their findings... then have these doe-eyed looks hoping for a "good job, boys" from teach. Because their hack might... (omnious pause, tension builds...) enable PIRACY!!! Ba-dam Tssss. In the old days people just openly released their stuff. Nowadays you got to take precautions and pretend you're a whistleblower, but you can still can get your stuff out in the open anonymously.

Comment "Hate Speech" definition (Score 1) 117

Instead, in May Facebook, Google's YouTube and Twitter signed the EU hate speech code, vowing to fight racism and xenophobia by reviewing the majority of hate speech notifications within 24 hours

OK, so now "hate speech" is equal to "racism and xenophobia". Well, we already knew that to be true on Twitter where #killallwhitemen is perfectly fine, but it's nice to know that it's also true on YouTube and Facebook. They want a Trump in Europe too?

Comment Re:MPAA, RIAA and Big Pharma (Score 1) 355

They have 'another coal in the fire' called TiSA (Trade in Services Agreement). They're all the same. First you have a few chapters that actually deal with trade. Then you have 4-6 times as many chapters that have nothing to do with trade, or should be brought forward in another more appropriate forum. One is the "IP Chapter". The first few paragraphs lock everyone in a whole bunch of copyright and related agreements, up to and including ye olde Berne Agreement. That means, that if you want to cecede from Berne to bring copyright term back to a more reasonable 20 years, you ALSO have to cecede from all these "trade" agreements.

Then there's a whole bunch of stuff related to the Internet, and enforcement powers, and responsibilities/safe haven reductions, that they would never get past national parliaments when considered by itself.

Comment Re:Oh Germany... (Score 1) 179

Christ, we are a mess.

If only people could be convinced to leave religion completely out of this. The world is either supported on the backs of four elephants, themselves resting on the back of a turtle, OR it is being held up for eternity by the deity Atlas. So the Elephantians, asking the Atlassians what happens when Atlas needs to pee or gets itchy on his back, are subject to "hate speech" charges? I don't know about you, but for me it's impossible to take either Atlassians or Elephantians seriously, and the harder they try to convince, the louder the laughing gets. Because you don't have to go to LEO (though it helps) to know the Earth can be approximated to be an oblate spheroid, which you can circumvent. No Atlas, No Turtles. So what will people say in the year 2250? Laugh at us like we laugh at the Atlassians?

It takes Great Men^H^H^H Persons of Science to know the Earth moves in a straight line, with the curvature of space-time causing it to orbit the Sun. This insight takes time to develop and Eureka moments. But yes, Earth orbits the Sun, not the other way around. Another example of a Ridiculous Article Of Faith, Perfectly Fine To Make Fun Of. But if you were in front of the Spanish Inquisition at the time, you'd think twice about saying it.

Come to think of it, the similarities between the PC/SJW crowd/by extension the Munich Court and the Spanish Inquisition are striking!

Comment Breaking: Sealand adds RIAA/MPAA to terrorist list (Score 1) 179

Sealand, November 5 2016 -- In a unanimous decision, the Supreme Court of the Kopimist Nation of Sealand ruled both RIAA and MPAA to be terrorist organisations, allowing for the rendition of any known RIAA/MPAA members, its agents or close associates "located anywhere in the universe, by any means necessary" to the Kopimist Nation of Sealand to answer for their crimes. The third organization on trial, BSA, was spared the terrorist organisation designation by the Supreme Court, however the racketeering-related convictions from the lower court were confirmed. Full verdict expected to be published in 72 hours. Story to be updated when new details emerge.

Comment Who and why?! (Score 2) 304

According to Steven Maviglio, the director of Californians for an Effective Legislature, a campaign committee formed to oppose Proposition 54. It all comes down to who is behind the initiative, and why.

That's like saying that Snowwhite and the 7 dwarves are rallying against a proposition to mandate the installation of smoke dectectors in the bedrooms of children, because the initiative was started by the Big Bad Wolf (who of course figures the higher the children survival rate, the bigger chances are that some of them might get lost in the woods). So yeah, rip out all those smoke detectors because the Big Bad Wolf is after your children!

Comment Re:this is all just a huge misunderstanding. (Score 1) 122

...and if they dare make it illegal (and we've guaranteed them that they retain the sovereignty to do so to put sand in the eyes of their electorates) we can still pull them by their hairs in front of the ICS (a/k/a ISDS lite) and sue them for... One Million Dollars! Bwhahahahahahahaaa!

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