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Comment Re:Paradox (Score 2) 186

Hate the people who are coercive, not the people who wear it. They might be doing it due to personal choice and free will...

Some may, others don't. Look for images and videos of Iran before 1979 and look at Iran today. Do you really think ALL of those people suddenly 'chose' to dress like that out of their own free will? It's a bit like freely choosing to believe the Earth is at the center and the Sun revolves around it in Medieval Europe.

Comment Re:The price hike is minimal... (Score 1) 450

Exactly that. Disney is even proud of it in the Offline World - they call it 'the vault'. You can buy a DVD/BD only for a certain amount of time, after which it goes "to the vault" for like seven years. No matter how many people are waving dollar bills wanting to buy it. Completely insane, but that's what you can do when you are a monopolist.

Comment Copyright office? (Score 2) 23

LOC = US Copyright Office.

The LOC has this nice 'jukebox' with sound recordings from the 1900s, over 110 years old, nicely reminding us that it is illegal download them because of 'state copyright laws'. Yeah, no joke.

Our copyright friends are trying to get the copyright office out from under the LOC control, probably because it'll be easier to get it under their own control.

Among her priorities will be the modernisation of the US Copyright Office IT system and trying to define the role of the USCO with the Library. There have been calls from stakeholders, including from the current Register of Copyrights Maria Pallante, to move the Office outside of the realm of the Library and establish it as an stand-alone government agency.


So who knows, maybe Dr. Hayden was seen golfing with Chris Dodd and Joe Biden?

Comment Re:NATO Member & EU Candidate (Score 2) 230

I'm sure that EU was hoping that dangling the membership carrot (e.g. billions of Euros coming their way) would pacify Erdogan, in the sense to keep things at least looking civil from the outside. Erdogan knows how to game the politically-correct, pacifist Europeans perfectly. You can see that with the "refugees" (actually pawns in a huge political game) deal. Heaps and heaps of Euros coming his way, and a one-for-one swap of refugees (i.e. zero-sum). Erdogan has also taken control of the selection process (see here so you can imagine what that means. And gets away with this, the EU even lies for him (or to save their own face) by calling this "cooperation", while the fact is they only get the names that Erdogan allows them to have. So he knows exactly how to deal with the EU. And he will get away with this one. And he knows why: the floodgates can be opened in minutes, and bases can be overrun, of course with the foreign military allowed to leave with their tails between their legs.

Comment Re:Bullshit conclusion (Score 1) 386

"The participants subconsciously perceived the color change as it happened prior to making their mental choice, even though they always thought they made their prediction before the change occurred."

Indeed just a little oddity of the brain, like Deja-Vu. No way you can claim that "free will is an illusion". But "deja vu-effect in decision-making" doesn't sell.

Comment Re:Canadian Here (Score 1) 438

The day I'm locked into Canada is the day I exercise the option of canceling and using other free services like Shomi (comes with my Shaw account free).

Since you're paying for your Shaw account, Shomi is not free but "included"; I have Crave TV "included" with MovieNetwork/HBO. The fun part is that both Shomi and Crave are Canadian services, so there is no US counterpart to compare to. Which means you're locked into Canada from the get-go. We don't have Hulu and our localized Amazon Prime is joke.

But it's not just via the Content providers like Netflix that our friends in Hollywood are busy protecting their own entitlements, also the government is being worked on.

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