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Comment TL;DR Red light cameras? (Score 1) 723

Didn't read TFA but let me guess: red light cameras are in use and Oregon gets its cut from the take. So the whole discussion about the 'engineer' title (which is fine, you shouldn't be able to call yourself "Dr." "M.D." "Pharmacist" or even "meteorologist" without proper qualifacations) kind of overshadows the problem with the yelllow lights. Purposefully reducing the amount of time the light stays on yellow in order to trap more people "running a red light" is of course ehhhrrrmmmm "unethical" to say the least, and if someone says pure theft I won't contradict that.

Comment "Yeah!" (Score 1) 173

While you'd probably want to commend them for their positive attitude, it appears quite a lot of rap artists suffer from a mental disorder which results in an urge to be the center of attention. Let's call it the "Look at meeeee! Look at meeeeee!" complex. So when the music starts they have this uncontrollable urge to blurt out "Yeah!" within the first few seconds (at least it's better than "No!"). If that was taken as "start of voice" these results are skewed.

Comment Re:Please respect us (Score 3, Interesting) 156

The problem is when "legitimate" devices can only run Kodi add-ons that have been signed by the MPA(A)/local chapter. And yes, that means the ones that don't have that "feature" are therefore automatically in the "illegitimate" category. Because the only reason you'd want one of those is "because of piracy". And that makes the circle round again.

Comment Slowwwwly but surely... (Score 2) 96

See how the so-called "rightsholders" squeeze and squeeze... try to get a little bit more, and a little bit more, and a little bit more every time? And every time they get it? They learned from SOPA/PIPA. Don't go for the big bang. Go for it step by step. If you told Europeans 20 years ago that the Copyright Industry would have the power to block you at the ISP level from accessing websites (except for the Germans, they have a very strong Copyright Industry that made them pay fees on computer printers since forever since you "might print out a book with it") they would have said you were completely insane. Yet here we are. Soon the US will be on the block "internationals standards" etc. that they put in place themselves through endless, tireless lobbying and litigation.

Comment Copyright Industry (Score 1) 35

See how much "better" the Copyright Industry has taken care of itself? First the term of copyright protection is many, many times that of the duration of a patent. For some unknown reason (which may include that there is none) the becoming freely available of an invention to benefit society as a whole after 2 decades of artificial monopoly is "good" but the becoming freely available of a creation is not. But this again, if you link to a page where there is a link to an unauthorized download of a copyrighted work, you YOURSELF are infringing (at least in the EU). Crazy isn't it? Wonder how all that came about... but yeah, if you ever have the chance to talk to a politician that is involved in these things, ask him/her to explain why it's great a brand-new invention becomes freely available after 2 decades, but a brand-new book, article, song, recording, movie, etc. will not in your entire lifetime and most of that of your kids. Any "argument" they use on behalf of the creator, ask why that doesn't equally apply to an inventor.

Comment Re:Exactly what the First amendment is meant to st (Score 1) 155

Don't say this won't happen! In Nova Scotia, there was outrage when a teenage girl, Rehtaeh Parsons, took her own life because of intimate photos that were shared on the Internet without her permission. These poor girls needed to be protected from the Evil Intarwebs! So the politicians reacted and came up with a Anti-Cyberbullying law ("Cyber-Safety Act").

Guess what poor little teenager's case was the first tried in court...

...are you still there? Right. It wasn't a teenage girl but some native band leader (counts as a politician) that complained someone had posted "abusive, obscene and defamatory comments about her and her family" on facebook.

Later on, it was decided the law was -in US terms- "unconstitutional" and was struck down. So yeah, expect specialized firms working on behalf of politicians, executives, celebrities, and the like to scour the internet for anything unflattering and using bills like these to get them removed and, more importantly and frightingly, erased from history.

Comment DST? Love it (Score 1) 228

So for something completely non-nerdy: I like to sit in the sun and relax for a bit (cold beer optional). So when you come home after work (say at the fixed time of 5:00pm), you can still enjoy the warmth of the sun as it's actually "just" 4:00pm. So do I care about the very end of the day? No, not really. The morning? Nope. But the extra hour in the afternoon, before supper? Absolutely.

Comment Bait... and Switch? (Score 3, Interesting) 241

It's to be expected that for the first batch, QA standards aren't too stringent, as they need numbers, numbers, numbers, to get 3rd party buy-in. Early PSPs had some stuck pixels, but later ones were fine. None of my VITAs have stuck/dead pixels.

I was planning to wait for the Mario Bundle, I'm guessing with a Mario-Red and Luigi-Green joycon, as here in Canada the Switch debuts at $400 and there's not even a pack-in game included. Yeah, that's $400 CAD and it also proves that a low CAD vs USD might be 'good for the economy' but it's bad for consumers (e.g. you and me). Hopefully by that that time the Canadian Dollar regained some of its value.

Comment Re:Run for Parliment, get law overturned. (Score 1) 65

The Copyright Industry ("*AA. * Software Association) has a very effective weapon, called the USTR. They also set up local affiliates. Politicians are constantly being, on the one side, being treated to "campaign donations", free "VIP packages" (free tickets, meet & greets, etc.), this is more or less Pay-to-Play. On the other hand they are also being told how bad it all is for the poor starving artists, and how gazillion-billions of (taxable!) revenue are being "lost". Law Professor Michael Geist had a series of articles what was bad with the "copyright reform" bill, including many items on the digital locks. Of course Money Talks, so the DRM stuff is there exactly as the copyright industry wrote it. And now we suffer. Thanks Steven Harper (less that 4 in 10 Canadian voters cast their vote in support of his party).

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