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Comment Re:Isn't it obvious? (Score 1) 742

Syfy is failing not because of a lack of sci fi material to work with, but because it's no longer more amazing than reality.

There are always frontiers to explore well beyond our current technological abilities. Sci-fi isn't about flying cars, hand-held computers and machines of big death, it's about unrealized potentialities and possibilities. There's no need to stick to space operas and other sci-fi tropes.

Comment Re:WE ARE ANONYMOUS (Score 1) 744

A. I'm pretty sure the manifesto was written with tongue placed firmly in cheek.

B. What some person or small segment of Anonymous writes is not representative of the way all of Anon feels. Indeed, there have been many attempts to rouse Anonymous into attacking WBC over the years and most of the little Anon-lings out there have responded negatively with the reason that it's just not lulzy enough.

C. By virtue of what Anonymous is, any time a group of Anons take to a cause they are in some way split from the nebulous body of Anonymous in general. Anonymous is just as apt to deface a young cancer patient's website as to do something that could be interpreted as defending freedom. Anonymous can do any number of contradictory things without committing the cardinal sin of hypocrisy simply because it is not an organization and it has no ideals. So, any subgroup of Anons that start acting with a coherent agenda such as defending freedom have begun coalescing into a more traditional organization of people.

Comment Re:To be more specific (Score 1) 673

...you know the rules.

...and so do I/ A full commitment's what I'm thinking of/ You wouldn't get this from any other guy. I just wanna tell you how I'm feeling/ Gotta make you understand. Never gonna give you up/ Never gonna let you down/ Never gonna run around and desert you/ Never gonna make you cry/ Never gonna say goodbye/ Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you.

As anyone can plainly see, Astley's words in their original context directly contravene the sentiment expressed in your comment.

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