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Comment Duh (Score 1) 70

Yes, I know some people just use Tor because they don't want the government watching them, but I block Tor on general principal. Most of the traffic coming out of Tor is malicious. The only exception would be if I was running a site with information I wanted to provide to oppressed countries.

Comment Re:artificial sweeteners spike insulin (Score 1) 630

I assume you are referring to the study conducted on 7 people. Granted they did do a survey that consisted of 400 people, but the direct research sample was very small. This was also a single paper. The results are interesting and should prompt more studies, but it should not be used as a basis to determine if artificial sweeteners are bad for you without a more comprehensive study.

The worst case scenario is that something that has been studied for decades on thousands of people is replaced with something that has not been studied as thoroughly and that is later to discovered to have bad effects. It's fad science.

Comment Unions (Score 1) 441

I don't like unions, but this is one case where the lack of unions is hurting US tech workers. There is no lobbing group to call out companies on this kind of BS. You would need a very large well funded organization to even think of going up against the tech giants in the political arena. Maybe you could call attention to it on something like change.org, but I don't think it would be very effective without some lobbing money behind it. Anyone have any ideas that would actually work, because whining about isn't accomplishing anything as we've seen for many years now.

Comment Missing Someting? (Score 1) 227

Am I missing something here? The study showed a high correlation between math and reading skill in twins. So if one twin is better at math then they will be equally better at reading than the other twin. How do you derive from this that genetics is determining your intelligence? If it was than the twins should be equally good math and equally good at reading, but the study actually shows they are not equal since this is difference they are using to show the correlation between math and reading skill.

Comment Re:boo hoo (Score 2) 113

I think a better analogy would be if you printing out your emails and web history and scattered the sheets of paper around your yard and the street in front of your house. Then someone driving down the road took a picture of your house and street which included the information you left laying out in the open.

Comment Re:Long Overdue Use of "free space" (Score 1) 81

Similar things have been done before like the PRT system in Morgantown

This system is quite old. It is faster than a regular transit system because you only stop at your destination. However, there are complexities in the track design and you have a lot of little cars to maintain instead fewer larger ones.

Comment Re:Most qualified and motivated candidates? (Score 4, Insightful) 435

66% of Computer Science graduates are white, 15% Asian, 3% black, and 5% Hispanic. I'm surprised they have such a high percentage of Asian workers. Of course 60% of students graduating with master's degrees in computer science aren't Americans so maybe that's where they are coming from. Also 80% of Computer Science graduates are male and 20% are female, so it's not surprising that tech companies have primarily male workers.


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