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Submission + - Man Caught Marinating Cat In Car Trunk (

BigSes writes: A Buffalo man, Gary Korkuc, was arrested by police for running a Stop sign. What they found upon opening the trunk was shocking. A live black cat was found marinating in a sauce made of red chilis, salt, oil and other ingredients. Korkuc, 51, claims the he was not going to eat the cat, but that he was on his way to return it to the animal shelter, and that the cat had miscarried and thats what the substance was. Further review deterimed that the cat is indeed a 4-year old neutered male. The suspect denies all charges and also claims that the police were in the process of fire-bombing a nearby building when they decided to stop him.

Comment I'm impressed (Score 1) 156

I installed it today. The problems I see already are that the Wiki and Forums are respectively incomplete (even for 11.2) and out of date; and the ATI and NVIDIA proprietary drivers are difficult to install. On the plus side, the open source ATI drivers for my machine were installed out of the box. The ability to set up encrypted volumes was easy using the installer. The installer is also full of features and elegant. I also like the Dolphin-Superuser mode which is absent in Kubuntu. Installation of restricted multimedia codecs, dvdcss, and flash was a one-click deal. Overall I'm impressed.

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