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Submission + - Your wifi can receive emails with ( 1 writes: " is a free service that turns your WiFi network into a private messaging service.
On this way friendly neighbors might invite you to have a beer or ask if you want to share your wifi for a monthly payment.

Other sources:"

The Internet

Submission + - Go Daddy Loses 21,000 Domains in One Day ( 1

expo53d writes: Hats off to all those who transferred their domains off GoDady. CNET reports that yesterday 21,054 domains where pulled off, a subsidiary of GoDady. While this maybe a coincidence, it is likely to be caused by GoDady's controversial support for SOPA. It seems that GoDady's attempts at remedying the problem were of no use.

Comment Wireless Computer often Switch Routers (Score 1) 234

I think it's a only a small violation, if one at all, to connect to someone else's router if it is unsecured, if you don't violate their privacy by hacking into their computer and reading their files. We live in an apartment building and left our router unsecured so other people could use it if they wanted, but it got too slow so we secured it. Now we let one neighbor use it by giving her the password. Sometimes laptops will connect to any available network, if one's own network is down. Hacking into a router and changing the settings is more of a violation, but I'm not sure it's a criminal one. Especially if the person who set up the security on the router used the manufacturer's default password. More of a nuisance than anything else. I wouldn't want this kid to do prison time for that. A misdemeanor or a warning for the first offense.

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