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Comment Re:Rules for thee, not for me (Score 4, Interesting) 211

The story does use a lot of funny wording which implies that they had been donated to the Public Domain, but if you click through to sources, it looks more like they were still under copyright, offered through some kind of free-as-in-beer license.

Looks like. It's really hard to see WTF the actual status is. What shitty, lazy reporting! But my guess is they're not PD, because the lawyer would have checked before he sued, that being the responsible and common sense thing to d-- why is everyone laughing at me?

Comment Can I enable this for non-emergencies too? (Score 1) 109

Exact location? Sign me up for non-emergency use, please.

I never realized how shitty my phone's GPS was (it was always good enough for driving), until I started playing this fucking new game (you know the one). I can literally touch a certain gym's real-world counterpart with my hand, but in the game, I'm running back and forth from one side of it to the other, always "too far away."

Comment Re:Paradox (Score 1) 192

I revile hatred and bigotry. Yet I love the internet.

Can you perhaps take joy in your own hate, or some of the causes of hate?

Did any part of Inglourious Basterds amuse you? If so, then look: joy.

Imagine you're watching pretty much any of today's comedy TV shows. They do a bit on Trump, by showing part of one of his speeches. Is it not funny? Look, there it is again: joy.

Imagine you're reading Order of the Stick. Xykon, a totally deplorable character that you have to hate if you immerse yourself into the story, makes a joke at Redcloak's expense. Joy.

Love the Internet, dude. It is performing for you.

Comment Re:License to work (Score 1) 639

That's the way I'm tempted to look at it too. If John Deere is going to do this, you've got to be an idiot to pay money to John Deere. Surely someone else makes tractors too?!? Don't be an idiot!

The problem here is just that not everyone knows that John Deere is doing this. John Deere might be reaping the benefits of fraud, from people who aren't really stupid and trying-to-lose, but simply ignorant of the DRM's presence, and therefore they buy it anyway.

I think the upshot is that until DMCA is repealed, no legitimate business is ever going to use a "technological measure that prevents access." There probaby ought to be mandatory labelling for products with DRM, if the vendors don't want courts to think they're attempting to deceive buyers.

Comment Re: The price hike is minimal... (Score 4, Insightful) 460

"Pause" is an even better time, though. And strangely, it's always exactly the correct amount of time, and happens exactly when you want it to.

Ads are a surprisingly shitty time to do something else, because they don't happen on demand and don't happen for the correct duration. On top of that, they make annoying noise.

Comment innovation (Score 0) 61

This just in: expert software developers invent the idea of using a unique key to look things up in a database, instead of just the thing's name. Users cheer.

"I can't believe it! They figured out I had bought song 0xDEADBEEF instead of the Beastie Boys' cover of a Foghat ripoff of a Muddy Waters song. I'm glad, because seriously: fuck Foghat and the Beastie Boys!"

"OMG, when I got my 'I Am The Man' with the naughty words restored, I knew: these guys were database experts. I bet they're using Oracle instead of MySQL now."

"All the previous version of iTunes knew, was that I had bought that Led Zeppelin where Plant sings "baby, baby, baby." Every time I played that track, a different song came up. But then Apple invented the unsigned long integer. I suppose Google will be copying them soon. Second place luuuuzers!"

Comment Re:Soros? (Score 1) 1143

You make the incorrect assumption that if UBI were to function properly, the other agencies would shut down.

"Assumption" is the poor choice of word; it's a condition for UBI. You may be right that the American people would choose to retain that waste instead of UBI, but doing that means they would be saying no to UBI. The premise is: what if Americans said yes to UBI and also no to retaining the other programs?

If you think that wouldn't happen, fine. But: what if?

(What if we had faster-than-light travel? That you and I think FTL travel is impossible, doesn't matter. We're hypothesizing it.)

Comment Re:Environmental impacts? (Score 2) 321

weren't constantly irradiated with EM radiation

Yeah, the invention of the sun has changed things a lot since back then. On the bright side, at least we get "free" sunlight to help balance out our shorter lives, instead of everyone having to carry around a burning tree branch all the time. I, for one, think this tech advance was worth it.

(Anyone else WTFing over this weird "EM radiation" phobia that the unusually-stupid sub-faction of the fearmongers made up? It's often interesting, the kinds of hobgoblins that people-who-want-to-panic invent, but this one is downright weird. Why did they think it would take off? And then how is it that they were they right that it would take off?!? Why are so many people, who you'd think are only slightly stupid, adopting this religion? What's the appeal?)

Comment Re:EFFin' copyrights (Score 1) 101

Ugh. Sobering link. What pieces of shit these people are!

Even when this thing tries to make them look "good" by putting them on the right side, it shows them to be deplorable people who should not ever hold any policy-making office in government.

Raise wages, increase jobs, yadda yadda. Where the fuck is the talk about civil rights? Basic fairness and justice? These are totally irrelevant issues for the leading Republicrat candidates, and it shows in every damn word they say about almost any issue. All they care about is bribing you, never ever protecting your rights.

Comment Re: Remember that (Score 1) 393

The federalist papers are not law not official documentation of any kind.

WTF does the word "official" mean in this context?

Are you really saying that if contemporaries explain what they were thinking, but don't bother getting their printout notarized, and they also don't point a gun at your face while saying "this is the LAW!!" then you refuse whatever information they're offering about what they were thinking?

It is irrelevant whether they are law. HELL YES the Federalist and Anti-Federalist papers are extremely valuable documentation.

Your position is anti-knowledge. You're religious.

Comment Re:If Done Correctly... (Score 1) 94

You're right; I don't think they'll lose many existing customers over this. I'm saying that this probably isn't enough for them to gain customers either.

I don't subscribe to Netflix yet. If they start selling files that I can play, then there's a really good chance that I will, because on paper their service looks like a great deal. That's basically what I have been waiting for (and by "waiting" I mean that I've found alternative means to scratch the itch, but these alternatives have a certain downsides, ranging from legal risk to not being able to patronize the arts that I enjoy).

But if they start selling files that I can't play, then their offer of "fuck you" will get a similar-sounding reply.

I guess that's the big question: is Netflix considering this because they want more customers? Or are they looking for ways to keep from losing customers to services like Amazon?

Comment Re:Riiiiight (Score 1) 94

As is usual in stupid arguments on the Internet about the meaning of words, I'm right and you're wrong. That's just how it is, always. You are probably thinking the same thing, as if you are the keeper of the language, instead of me! (Ok, do we all understand how stupid this flamewar is? Good. Now, let's have the flamewar.)

What you use to define "downloading" many of us call "saving" (or possibly "recording" if the data arrives by means other than IP, such as an OTA TV antenna, camera/microphone, etc). Downloading is what happens in both scenarios. In one scenario, it is "saved" to local media, and in another scenario, it isn't. That second one (where you elect to use the data immediately and don't save it), we call streaming (if the data is AV), but it's viewed as a special case within downloading, not a separate and distinct thing from downloading.

There are a lot of reasons that computer-oriented people use this terminology, but it basically comes down to the fact that we use various programs to get things, where that program doesn't care what happens to the data after it is transported. curl and wget are curl and wget regardless of if you save the data for many years, or just save it to a ramdisk for just a few seconds prior to deleting it, or if you pipe curl right into some other program's stdin eithout ever writing to a file at all. In all these use cases, curl downloaded the data.

That you anti-computer media people would barge into computer peoples' domain and think you can change the meaning of words, has many ha-- oops, you already took "hacker." Well, then: NEVER AGAIN!!

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