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Comment Re:Ensuring Their Own Demise? (Score 1) 198

"I wanted the money." -- some Hollywood writer, through the mouth of Sean Connery

They probably get paid for the work. Doing the work might be against the guild's interests, but be for that writer's interests. I don't think it makes sense to assume that guilds and members necessarily have the same strategic goals. Isn't part of the whole point of these contracts, to put writers out of work unless they join the guild?

I know people who are members of unions. It's just another expense, required as a condition for the job. It's not on your side; if it were, then you wouldn't be required to join. Presumably the writers have a similar relationship with the guild, so the money you make rushing to complete scripts more than outweighs whatever nebulous benefit the guild will get in its negotiations -- and then take a percentage of.

Writers and Writers Guild are two totally different things, perhaps even somewhat adversarial. (Though presumably not so adversarial that the writers would be willing to ally with the producers to defeat this third party. If it were that adversarial, then the alliance would have already happened. So I guess the situation is a bit complicated.)

Comment There should be a law... (Score 1) 207

For several years now, Amazon really has been leading the way toward making it impossible to tell the difference between joke product ideas and the real ones. Google/Apple/Microsoft have had some bad ideas too, but they all get totally left in the dust by Amazon. I mean, this is the company that sells buttons for buying stuff.

Is there a Poe's Law of consumer electronics yet? We're getting close to needing one.

Comment Re:Turnabout is fair play (Score 5, Funny) 143

I want to know why the fuck he chose to attack a company he voluntarily resigned from.

To this day (wow, has it really been 50 years?), I still don't know why Number Six resigned. Perhaps the reason he was kidnapped and taken to The Village, was that the government had serious concerns about what he was going to do next. Until you know why he resigned, it's really hard to guess anything else.

Comment Re:I'm a really worried longtime Linux user (Score 1) 191

It's even less bad than that! It's no badness at all.

Even with Ubuntu, you can run whatever desktop you want to. The switch to GNOME means nothing, just like the past switch to Unity meant nothing. (Did anyone really use Unity anyway?) Complaining about which desktop it uses, is like complaining about which text editor gets installed by default. If you don't like it, install one of the other ones, and it isn't as though you aren't still running Ubuntu.

I don't have any passion (or even a side) in the systemd debate, and yet, that's way more of an important aspect of Ubuntu than the default desktop is.

Comment Re:Market failure (Score 1) 575

Sure, if you're talking long distances. And it really depends on your particular situation..

Agreed. Ok? :-)

(It has become apparent that my jetsetter/snob remark could have used smilies; getting lots of confused feedback on that one. I'm not really a "jetsetter" like a 1950s movie star, and as for the snob remark, I refuse to move beyond the implied smiley!)

I'm really confused here. From your tone, it sounds like you're identifying as a "jetsetter," but then you say "NOW we see" only from the present story that overbooking is a serious thing?

It's not like I'm flying every week, like some people here. But I do it sometimes, and it's always gone fairly well; the worst reliability problem being a few hours lateness.

As it happens, I have never been bumped. I've gotten offers to get bumped, but always declined and watched people eagerly run up to the desk to volunteer. This particular story is the first time I ever heard of someone being bumped involuntarily. Maybe it happens often, but I hadn't heard of it.

Until this story, overbooking never presented itself as a reliability problem. So, it wasn't a "serious thing." It was merely an amusing game that certain people played with the airlines to get freebies.

Comment Re: How many Chromebook buys are accidental? (Score 1) 131

For the rare case of someone who really needs to run Windows software, they aren't going to buy this accidentally, because they'd already have to check what version of Windows it comes with. People don't just assume "oh, I'm sure it comes with Windows 7, not 10," do they?

If they have legacy requirements, they're going to be very focused on getting the legacy part right. They're going to be looking for that part, even harder than they're looking at the price.

Comment Re:Not a dumb terminal - Linux with locked down UI (Score 1) 131

One test for this is as follows: Can one practically develop an app for a Chromebook on a Chromebook?

The Chromebook point of view would be to say, "Yes. You can run my app. It's at .." and then they give you an URL.

It's not what you're thinking, but it's what they're thinking. That is the market for Chromebooks.

I think instead of thinking of them as terminals, people ought to think of them as full PCs, which come preloaded only with a terminal emulator. "WTF do you want that x86 box for? You're just going to hook it up to the VAX anyway. You should have gotten a VT100. Wait, your terminal understands the escape codes for .. OMFG. You have color?! Coool!!"

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