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Comment Re:Totally believable. (Score 1) 387

We weren't talking about light bulbs, we were talking about engines, Have you ever rebuilt an engine? Guess what, the top end will still be covered in oil. Once the crank makes a single rotation it will become "evenly distributed" as you say. I beg of you to find ONE example of an engine that has been started to death. Good luck.

Comment Re:Totally believable. (Score 1) 387

LOL. Ask Slashdot something related to computers and you'll get 100 experts who can give you and in-depth analysis or what how and why they are right. Ask them about something like gas engines, and you have a bunch of retards humping doorknobs. I love it. No, starting a car will not wear the engine. The parts inside your engine hold enough lubrication to protect it at start even when it has been sitting off for a long time. Anyone who tells you different is lying through their teeth. Next lets talk about framing a house, and see how much you nerds really know!

Comment Re:Surround it in ice cold beer! (Score 1) 229

Actually this won't work. The condensers in a refrigerator are not meant to be operated constantly, they kick on and off. As soon as you put a heat source, i.e. a cpu, into your fridge, the condenser will go into constant draw. This will burn it out in approximately 1-3 days. You COULD however swap the condenser from something that is meant to have a constant draw like a window A/C unit. But even then, you'd have trouble keeping it cool effectively.

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