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Comment Kaypro 2 (Score 1) 855

Kaypro 2. My dad needed it for his work. I couldn't lift it, even though it was supposed to be "portable". Some tiny monochrome screen but it came with 2 floppy drives iirc. Games in text mode. Next up a Wang 20286 with 20mb hd and ega card. Cost as much as a car and had Windows 1 and 2 included.

Comment Re:I'll never vote over the net (Score 3, Interesting) 117

The story is about the software used to send the results to a central place. So the voting was done by paper ballots but from there on it went digital. The "shocking" (probably not so much anymore) thing was that the particular vulnerability was known for years and pointed out by a student in 2011.

Comment Re: Truly Epically Dumb to Destroy It (Score 1) 287

Why would the damage be minimal? Smallpox was stopped by vaccinating people against it. However, the virus would have a large supply of hosts now because of the generations of people who haven't received vaccinations. If dispersed effectively, it seems like smallpox could do a lot of damage.

Not as much damage as the humans it might wipe out. Just sayin'.

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