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Submission + - Proposal: Cover highways with a solar panel roof (

Caerdwyn writes: An interesting proposal: build a miles-long roof over urban highways made of solar panels. The idea is to make use of otherwise "lost" area to generate power locally. This addresses some of the traditional concerns of large-scale solar projects, specifically their ecological impact if placed out it deserts, losses due to long transmission lines, and dealing with the high cost of land if the project is within the city it serves. Part of this would, of course, have to be a construction methodology which would not make traffic problems worse, as well as what reflections off the panels might do, but at the least this is an interest thought-experiment.

Submission + - CDN optimizing HTML on the fly (

Caerdwyn writes: Cotendo, which is a content distribution network, has taken to altering HTML as it passes through their CDN to optimize web pages for faster rendering. This is essentially a repackaging of the Apache mod mod_pagespeed (from Google), with the critical difference being that the rewriting of HTML occurs inline rather than at the web server. We all know that well-written HTML can result in much better rendering of whatever your content is; the questions are "will this automatic rewriting cause other problems, i.e. browser quirks" and "assuming that only the web pages of Cotendo's customers are altered, are there nonetheless potential legal troubles with someone rewriting HTML before delivery to a browser"?

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