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Comment Re:Should have gone with single payer.... (Score 1) 1019

Uh yeah. Taxing everyone to pay for healthcare is communism. Against Fundamentalist Christian beliefs. Republicans can never go for that. Communism is based on atheism no belief in God. Democrats want to tax the rich for it but never do and lie about it, that goes against their religion as that is Satanism.

Comment Re:Thanks for proving it. (Score 1) 1345

You miss the point. Human beings are capable of good and evil. For all have sinned.

The Bible was written to teach. Sure it has some bad stuff happening in it to teach why we shouldn't do that bad stuff.

Some Christianity follows just the New Testament and rejects the old one. Others embrace the Old with the New. There are many translations of the Bible and often the Fundie King James version is used, and it differs from other versions.

Christianity did more good things in those first 19 centuries as well. Ended slavery, came up with the scientific method, laid the philosophies of science in monasteries before universities existed, brought the renaissance, defeated Hitler, lead to advances like the Moon landing lead by JFK, lead to the microchip, and freedom and rights were granted when none existed in the systems before those 19 centuries.

Removing religion from science lead to a loss of innovation, retardation of our space program, a bastardization of the scientific method, fraud, waste, politics, using science to harm and destroy others, loss of jobs, a bad economy, lack of ethics and morals, greed, abuses of testing for safety as genetic engineering of foods leads to more food allergies and disease and obesity in our population than we had before, side-effects in prescription drugs that can harm us more or kill us, corruption in science to doctor lab tests so that 1/3 of prisoners in jail are innocent, persecution of religious people by abusing science and citing the minority of religious people to prejudge the rest even in public forums and books, and of course war, famine, disease, deaths in third world nations as science takes priority over helping out the less fortunate and those nations are used for slave labor for science, engineering, technology jobs.

Don't lay that stuff on me, science is corrupt as well.

Comment Re:I dont get the discussion (Score 1) 137

Oracle bought out Sun and inherited these things.

Oracle cannot be trusted because they sued Google? What makes Google more trustworthy? Will they give you the source code to Gmail?

Java was like Netscape once, a free product and they made money by donations or selling the development or server tools. But Microsoft made Visual J++ and others had bastardized Java and it lost compatability. So Sun sued them over it and then changed how Java was licensed before Oracle bought them out.

So basically since Java is so popular and due to lawsuits and changes in licenses Oracle is not to be trusted? Java can be downloaded for free still.

Comment Re:No change here (Score 1) 425

Pentium 4 systems have power saving too. Windows XP has power saving features as well. For people not playing 3D video games and only doing word processing and web surfing a Windows XP P4 system is good enough.

Sure XP does not run the latest Internet Explorer or Media Player but Firefox, Chrome, Safari, QuickTime work great.

Comment Re:So one intent is better than another? (Score 1) 109

Patents can create monopolies as well. If shared tech did not exist, Microsoft would not have written DOS for IBM and Apple would not exist as the MOS 6502 was based on the Motorola 6500 series.

The MOS 6501 was pin compatible with the Motorola 6500 but the 6502 had to change some pins. My point is that shared tech leads to lower prices and innovation. Not just the OS but hardware as well. This is what the FOSS movement is all about.


Submission + - South Korean scientists create glowing dog

Cable writes: "SEOUL (Reuters) — South Korean scientists said on Wednesday they have created a glowing dog using a cloning technique that could help find cures for human diseases such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's, Yonhap news agency reported."

Comment Re:What's "Unshakable"? (Score 1) 283

It takes faith to form a doubt. One has to believe that the belief may not be true to form a doubt about it. This is how skepticism forms, not of a lack of belief but a belief of doubt in some other belief. One can believe in God and evolution or choose to believe that belief in one or both is false.

Believing that God does not exist or doubting that God exits are still beliefs and can be considered religious as some religions do not believe in a God.

Believing that evolution is real or doubting that evolution is real are also beliefs. Religion is defined by the Latin words re (again) and lig (connect) so one connects to something again and again be it God or the universe or science, whatever. Having a belief in anything can form a religion because one reconnects to that belief over and over again. Doubt is just another belief that some other belief is false like Jesus is God, Zeus is God, Odin is God, or God does not exist and all can doubt each other.

Comment Re:I don't think so (Score 1) 283

It depends, more atheists per population are on the Internet than in real life for some reason. So while in real life you have 10% on certain web sites you might actually have more. Plus web sites are not tied to any local state or nation so you got a population that spans nations. Many theists cannot afford Internet or stick to religious sites.

I suppose this is evolution again huh? About 10% of the population are fundamentalist christians yet all theists tend to get lumped in with the 'creationist' mindset even if we believe evolution is real. The fundie minority controls politicians to remove evolution from schools and ban gay marriage and stuff like that. But hey when burning fundies try not to burn nonfundies, eh? :)

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