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Comment My thoughts on this. (Score 1) 186

I posted this on G+, but figured I would post it here too.


As a user of RHEL and CentOS, I use each for specific purposes. Several of the purposes I use CentOS for, Redhat wants me to use RHEL for. Now they could easily make CentOS less of an acceptable option almost forcing me to use RHEL since I use RH as my standard infrastructure distribution.

CentOS has always taken revenue away from RH where a full blown license of RH wasn't necessary and RH knows this. I have no doubts this move is to strengthen RH position and profitability. From what I read in the FAQ about this joining, Redhat requires that Redhat Employees have a controlling share of the CentOS board.

In the end, we will just have to see exactly how Redhat intends to steer CentOS.

Comment Umm, no. (Score 1) 513

I commute to and from New York City on a train every day. I've seen fights almost break out from rude people yapping on phones. Allowing phone calls on planes is a very bad idea. Nobody wants to listen to other people yap on a phone during a three hour flight.

People get agitated enough being cramped into small seats with no leg room. Lets just add to the agitation my making the person next to you annoy the hell out of you by yapping on the phone to their friend.

Comment I've always been in the opinion (Score 3, Interesting) 192

I've always been in the opinion that anyone who serves as a figure of authority (this includes government officials) and uses that authority to commit a crime should receive a minimum of double the maximum sentence of that crime in the same manner than you get double the fine for speeding in a work zone.

If they commit a crime that is punishable by 5-7 years in prison using their given authority, then they should get a minimum of 14 years in prison period. No less.

Of course, to get this double sentence, they have to be using their authority to commit the crime. They should also be removed from service and ban from ever working for the public in any form again. (which includes a private sector job that is doing government contract work)

Abuse of power should have absolute ZERO tolerance.

In this case, I believe putting someone in solitary confinement without a valid reason is abuse of power. Whoever made this decision should be removed from power and should have to serve twice as many days in solitary confinement as Gottfrid has.

Comment This has always been the case. (Score 1) 256

I remember when 386/486 were still being sent up in space when current PC processors were many times faster. (still are?) They were tested, protected, and proven. Ask yourself this. Do you buy the newest process off Newegg (or whatever) and send it into space hoping it doesn't fail at a price of $500 million or in Curiosity's case $2.5 billion? Umm, hell no.

Comment Re:Quality vs Features (Score 1) 180

I have the Linksys E3000 WiFi router and have not had any quality issues. Part of this may be because I refused to install the push-based firmware that caused issues for a lot of people.

I did notice a lot of features being dropped from the Linksys line once they became Cisco branded. One of the biggest examples was removing CLI from some of the higher-end Linksys switches. Of course, this was to prevent a loss of sales for Cisco's enterprise lineup. The result was that a lot of SMBs went with Netgear and D-Link.

I have the E3000 also. The one thing I don't like about it is it runs very hot. I have to tilt it up on it's side to keep it cool. If I don't, I notice that my WiFi connections act flaky sometimes.

I used the base firmware for a long while, but finally switched to DD-WRT about a year and a half ago.

Comment Consumer profit margins (Score 1) 180

Cisco is used to fleecing companies just like Oracle does. Buying into consumer market will never get you those types of margins. (don't even bring up Apple, that fad is already on the down swing)

Even in the Enterprise world, there are good options opposite Cisco these days. I've replacement most of my Cisco equipment with Juniper and have been quite happy with them and in some cases far happier than I was with Cisco.

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