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Submission + - SPAM: JetBlue Pilot Goes ApeShit

An anonymous reader writes: I'm not sure how this person goes from a man having a nervous breakdown to it being George Bush's fault, but he did.
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Comment Re:This is only a toy (Score 1) 157

It appears you seem to be missing the possibilities of this bot, because they have not revealed the coding for finding an opening.

There are pre-programmed "attacks" that attack a color, in this case it detects the green sword and attacks.
Add enough "attacks" to its library, and code to detect the body(or vital hit points) instead of the sword.
Then carefully add a calculation to determine the speed of the robot attack to make contact with the body/vitals and comparatively calculate the speed of the incoming attack, and select the "attack" from the pre-defined attack array that is fast enough to land before the oncoming attack lands and you have your opening.
A smart bot would be defensive first, blocking all attacks and using that as data to find the average and quickest attacks of the opponent, then refining a usable attack list based on which attacks in memory are faster than those attacks and based on which vitals are targeted.

I can see where this can lead to. Granted at the pace the "arm" was moving at, not a real threat unless its an endurance contest, but assuming the hardware arm is upgraded or can sustain highspeed maneuvers on par with being able to detect the exit point from a gun barrel and deflect bullets and we're getting somewhere ;)


Comment Half way there... (Score 1) 262

There's lots of arguments for using multiple monitors, for the past 4 years I've had upto 7monitors at one point and have scaled back to 5. It really is all about screen real estate. As a developer, the more monitors I have, the easier it becomes to be productive at multitasking.

Working as an e-commerce developer, this is how I typically manage the monitors.
One monitor dedicated to email.
One monitor shared between Tailing log files and file manager, I find it's easiest to share if both windows have maximized height, but 90% width, and one aligned to the left of the screen the other to the right, so I can easily "select" between the two, at the same time not requiring any additional actions to bring one window forwards.
One monitor dedicated for a browser, usually front and center
One monitor dedicated for the code editor of choice
Finally one monitor to collect misc items, which may include IM client, emails I am composing, music player, perhaps even another browser for compatibility or for coding reference. This monitor is usually on the far end of the setup of monitors.

Here's a shot of my current setup: http://twitpic.com/1uv28l

The stacked monitor is on a different machine than the other 5.


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