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The Internet

Submission + - The Pirate Bay Sold to Swedish Software Company

CWRUisTakingMyMoney writes: Swedish software company Global Gaming Factory X AB said on Tuesday it had agreed to buy free file-sharing website The Pirate Bay for 60 million crowns (USD7.7, EUR5.5, GBP4.69), and that it would find ways to compensate copyright owners for downloaded material. 'We would like to introduce models which entail that content providers and copyright owners get paid for content that is downloaded via the site,' said Global Gaming Chief Executive Hans Pandeya in a statement. No immediate word on when the sale will take effect, nor if/when the Pirate Bay as we know it will cease to exist.

Submission + - Atlantis Found Via Google Earth? (

CWRUisTakingMyMoney writes: "Quick--fire up Google Earth on your PC, and find the following coordinates: 31 15'15.53N, 24 15'30.53W (hint: it's about 600 miles west of Morocco, deep in the Atlantic Ocean). Zoom in, and check out that rectangle on the ocean floor. Could it be ... Atlantis? Apparently, the oddly shaped box marks "one of the most prominent places for the proposed location of Atlantis, as described by Plato," said New York State University historical archaeology curator Dr. Charles Orser."

I guess Google is saying that the grid on the ocean floor is an "artifact of the data collection process," but I'm not sure I buy it. Maybe I just don't want to.


Submission + - Nelson Mandela Removed from Terrorist Watch List (

CWRUisTakingMyMoney writes: "'The United States has removed former South African president Nelson Mandela and his African National Congress from a three-decade old immigration watch list for possible terrorists, the White House said Tuesday.

'In time for the anti-apartheid leader and Nobel Peace Prize winner's 90th birthday on July 18, President George W. Bush signed a bill Tuesday which effectively ended a system in which Mandela had to get special certification from the US secretary of state that he is not a terrorist in order to visit the United States.

'Now Mandela and members of the ANC will be able to simply apply for visas to travel to the United States, the State Department said.'

I seriously thought this was an Onion story that got picked up by the media by accident, but it doesn't look like it. This is shameful."


Submission + - Report IDs Most Dangerous TLDs (

CWRUisTakingMyMoney writes: "Companies that assign addresses for Web sites appear to be cutting corners on security more when they assign names in certain domains than in others, according to a report to be released Wednesday by antivirus software vendor McAfee Inc.

McAfee found the most dangerous domains to navigate to are .hk, .cn, and .info.

Of all .hk sites McAfee tested, it flagged 19.2 percent as dangerous or potentially dangerous to visitors; it flagged 11.8 percent of .cn sites and 11.7 percent of .info sites that way.

A little more than 5 percent of the sites under the .com domain — the world's most popular — were identified as dangerous."


Submission + - NYPD Watching Citizens in Unmarked Helicopter ( 1

CWRUisTakingMyMoney writes: "Yahoo! has a story of an unmarked chopper used to spy on citizens and tourists in New York City.

On a cloudless spring day, the NYPD helicopter soars over the city, its sights set on the Statue of Liberty. The helicopter's unmarked paint job belies what's inside: an arsenal of sophisticated surveillance and tracking equipment powerful enough to read license plates — or scan pedestrians' faces — from high above the nation's largest metropolis.

Police say the chopper's sweeps of landmarks and other potential targets are invaluable in helping guard against another terrorist attack, providing a see-but-avoid-being-seen advantage against bad guys. "It looks like just another helicopter in the sky," said Assistant Police Chief Charles Kammerdener, who oversees the department's aviation unit.

The chopper is named simply "23" — for the number of police officers killed in the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks.
I don't know about you, but I'm pretty happy I don't live in NYC right now."


Submission + - US Court: Paper Money Discriminates Against Blind

CWRUisTakingMyMoney writes: A US Appeals Court ruled on Tuesday that paper money discriminates against blind people who must rely on others to tell them what denomination of money they have.

A US federal appeals court on Tuesday ruled that the country's one-sized paper money discriminates against the blind and told the government to change the currency's size and texture. The court upheld a previous ruling in November 2006 by federal Judge James Robertson who had ordered the Treasury Department to find a way to accommodate the more than three million visually-impaired Americans who have trouble distinguishing the different US denominations which are all the same size and color. By a vote of two to one, the appeals court agreed with the earlier decision favoring the American Council of the Blind and referred the case back to Robertson to examine practical steps to be taken. "A large majority of other currency systems have accommodated the visually impaired, and the (treasury) secretary does not explain why US currency should be any different," the court said in its ruling.
The Internet

Submission + - .su Lives On, Stronger than Ever

CWRUisTakingMyMoney writes: Yahoo! Finance has a story about the defunct Soviet Union's .su TLD. "Sixteen years after the superpower's collapse, Web sites ending in the Soviet ".su" domain name have been rising — registrations increased 45 percent this year alone. Bloggers, entrepreneurs and die-hard communists are all part of a small but growing online community resisting repeated efforts to extinguish the online Soviet outpost."

Submission + - NYC man Arrested for Reciting First Amendment

CWRUisTakingMyMoney writes: 'Reverend Billy' — a cross between a street-corner preacher and an Elvis impersonator (but blond) — was arrested on harassment charges last week while reciting the First Amendment through a megaphone in Manhattan's Union Square. Have we reached the point where we can't even (rather uniquely) recite from our own Constitution without being arrested or shouted down?
Data Storage

Submission + - What Is Your Favorite Writing Instrument?

CWRUisTakingMyMoney writes: Knowing that Slashdotter-types are generally finicky about the tools they use day in and day out, are you equally picky about what you use for writing? What are your favorite writing instruments: ball-point pens? Felt-tip pens? Mechanical pencils? Hammer and chisel? Something else?

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