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Submission + - Which language would you use in 3000 AD?

CSLarsen writes: "You are in the year 3000. At your hands is a computer that:
  • Is infinitely fast
  • Has infinite storage
Which programming language would you use to program it?

If you propose a currently non-existing language, what kind of characteristics would it have?"

Submission + - Keeping cool may be the key to longevity

merryprankster writes: "New Scientist reports that Scripps Research Institute scientists have found that lowering the body temperature of mice by just 0.5C extends their lifespan by around 15%. Until now the only proven way of increasing longevity has been calorie restriction — but as this also causes a lowering of body temperature the researchers speculate that this cooling may be the underlying mechanism retarding ageing. In this study mice with a defect in their lateral hypothalamus, which has the side effect of cooling body temperature, not only lived longer but also ate normal amounts."

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