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Comment Re:Credit nuclear plus fake carbon accounting (Score 1) 204

The small home wood heating systems are toxic to everyone near by so that won't be lasting long. Studies are showing that moderate levels of PM2.5 smog is a major health problem and excessively deadly

Wood isn't 100% renewable in most cases. If you remove a bunch of trees, there is a very good chance that the total mass of trees that grow back will be smaller. In places with heavy deforestation, the amount of trees that can grow back may only be 50% of what was logged in the 1st round.

Trees are delicately balanced bags of water. Their height and mass is related to how much wind other trees can protect them from along with hundreds of millions of years of evolution optimizing their density. It is an example of applied use of fractals.

Comment Re:Ugh, I hate tabs within apps (Score 1) 104

I agree with the cross app access but I hate tabs. I've got lots of big screens full of pixels for a reason and I like using multiple windows and I like the windows arranged by task and I'll have many tasks stacked up.

It seems that for some stupid reason, OS X after 10.5 has decided to resort the window order after a command-tab or command ~ which means using them like a stack simply no longer works and you get to play the find the right buried window game and time you switch between stacked tasks.

Comment Re:No kidding (Score 1) 113

The core of the problem is Representational Democracy when votes can be bought. The winning party will claim to have a mandate from the people when they won by an stistcically insignificant majority. If you can't get 2/3 or 3/5 of the people's representatives to agree to something, chances are it shouldn't be law.

Comment Re:So could you tell us what it is? (Score 1) 386

Well, sure, but GNOME is the only officially-supported desktop on RHEL (unless we're supporting KDE these days, I never can keep track

Oh god I wish RH would support a proper KDE5 environment. It would benefit greatly from some more resources to move things along quicker.

I'm active in testing the KDE5 stuff in Fedora (and in #fedora-kde most times) - but having some more hands on it would really make things nicer for all parties.

Comment Re:Fuck systemd and this hipster Linux (Score 1) 386

On RHEL7 and similar, net-tools is no longer installed by default, you should use the 'ip' command from iproute2, see . ifconfig and 'route' for Linux have been on the deprecation path for years, before systemd existed.

I think since RHEL6 the Red Hat documentation and training material stopped referring to ifconfig.

But lets not pretend its perfect. NetworkManager used to constantly cause my Xen server to lose its networking. 'systemctl restart NetworkManager' caused it to come back - after hooking up a keyboard and mouse. Systemd's networkd can't bring up ppp connections - it doesn't know what they are - and last time I tried it choked on bridges.

So, you fall back to the good old 'chkconfig network on' and remove everything networkd and NetworkManager related. But now wait-online doesn't work for systemd - so anything that requires the network to be up will cause issues - requiring other hacks to bring back into line.

So yeah, its not perfect, and some stuff is still broken.

Comment Re:Fewer shows? LOL (Score 1) 316

Seasons used to average about 25 episodes so they could hit the magic 100 required for syndication. Where you find older shows that shows that had 24, one episode would be a double length season premiere or finale and would get cut in half for syndication.

In the 1950s shows would often have 40 episodes a year. Things like the The Burns and Allen Show would be written and produced in a week.

Comment Re:A decade ago... (Score 1) 316

There is too much new original content. The problem is if anyone make any of the new original content, someone else will come out of the woodwork and say they wrote that story with a few details that are different, sue for copyright violation and win.

That is why everything is a remake. They have to have a very long paper trail showing that anything made is simply a derivative work of something they already have rights to. It a problem of Hollywoods own making as they extended the copyright.

Comment Another copy on write FS (Score 1) 191

A major problem with copy on write is that users can not scrub their data and that has to be done by a root user.

The Posix committee needs to get its act together and provide a F_OVERWRITE fcntl system call that says "when I write a block back to the disk for this file, put it in the same place".

As an example of why this is needed:
echo "123SomeMagic" >file
echo "XYZZY123" >file
grep "123SomeMagic" /dev/sda
You get the same results if you do a open, write, sync, seek 0, write.

dd if=/dev/zero of=file&rm zero; won't even scrub the data off the disk most of the time with ZFS, APFS or BTRFS. Encryption won't help either since the OS will happily give you a bunch of unencrypted blocks if you have the right privilege levels.

Comment Re:Cost (Score 1) 266

The last time I checked, a passenger was about $20 to $60 of fuel per hour of flight time on most jets.

If the costs per square foot is considered, the cheap seats are seriously subsidizing business and 1st class.

I think that adding 2 inches of pitch and width to the 1970s standard wouldn't effect prices very much at all considering how many other factors go into how much a seat costs on a route.

Comment I've seen something like this before (Score 1) 116

A friend was doing image processing work in the late 80s and managed to get some funding for image recognition test. The idea was an alarm camera could detect the family pet and ignore it but detect bad people and set off the alarm. The system was trained using photos of dogs. The end result was a program that could identify pictures of dogs. It was hopeless at detecting real dogs, but it was spot on about detecting pictures of dogs.

Comment Re:How is that Traffic Calming working out? (Score 3, Informative) 180

Yes, pedestrians using phones running into other pedestrians is a real problem. Wrist and hip fractures are the common problems seen. A typical situation is a young fit person using a phone bumps into and elderly person who falls. There are also tram lines and an amazing number of people mange to trip over them over the last few years and most were using a phone at the time. I wonder if the jay walking laws need to have words like "or using a phone" added in the right places.

I know the UK started trying to collect stats about these things after their NHS found out how much Pram Rage was costing them.

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