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Comment Re:Well.... damn! (Score 1) 113

I used OmniROM during the KitKat era, and it felt like an extremely solid and fast ROM. I think they were closer to the stock Android even than Cyanogenmod. The only problem with OmniROM has always been a very poor device support. If you have a Nexus phone, then you're set. But it's pretty spotty/poor outside of Nexus devices.

Yup - hence the best thing they could get is more support / contributions / patches.

Comment Re:Yubikeys (Score 1) 162

As per the GP, I've also used a Yubikey for years. Mine is the original one that doesn't support 2UF, but I've been using it for many things - including some of my own applications in OTP mode.

OpenVPN - Username + OTP.
SSH - Private Key + OTP from unknown sources (else just key).
Admin account on my hosting platform: email + password + OTP (written in perl).
Lastpass - Username + Password + OTP.

In the many years since I've had this key (remember, this is one of the first they made), I've had their validation servers go down once. Newer methods available on the newer keys make this problem go away.

I've been seriously thinking of upgrading (4 generations) of key to the latest and greatest, but good old OTP mode does what I need for now. That 2UF sure looks perdy though.....

Comment Security? (Score 1) 303

If physical security is an issue, do it right.

Around here they built a bunch of mini-police stations at every train station. They used metal studs about 6 inches apart in the "holding cell" part of building. That was covered inside and out with 7.5 mm cement sheeting and they seem to use a stock steel door. They don't have to worry about windows but I would go with a triple glazed or put bars over them but don't make it obvious so maybe like a sun shade or inside. I use protec locks because they are very good locks and they are somewhat unique.

Put that cat6 in a duct and do something about the ground isolation. I would be tempted to move the fibre to the new building and then just use wireless back to the house. A rack means rack mount equipment and that stuff tends to be noisy so it needs to be in a different room and you need to have an insulated wall between them and I would be tempted to build it as an isolated sound wall and in your case, maybe its own exterior door just to keep the office quiet. A modern 19 inch server rack is 600 mm x 1200 mm and needs 1200 mm in front and 600 behind or else you can't slide servers into it or work on it. Access on the side is good. For small computer rooms I do like raised floors but you must make sure the tiles are the same as your rack (so no metric tiles for a two foot rack). Also builders finish floors by cutting tiles to fit the room. In a small computer room, you must make sure the walls are the right size and builders don't like building walls to interior dimensions. If your rack is too tall, you might not be able to get it in the room.

Split air conditioners work great but if you have two rooms, you need two of them and a way to deal with a failure if you have to run the computer 24x7. The smaller ones are more efficient than the larger ones. Figure where the water will go when the A/C drain backs up.

Put in a large electrical panel. More circuit breakers mean you can have stuff fail without taking out everything else. You don't want a cheap USB charger taking out a server.

Comment Re:Before or after? (Score 2) 227

Congratulations, sitting alone here at home, I actually uttered the words "what the f*ck is this sh*t" out loud when I opened that GitHub link. No mean feat, considering how difficult asterisks are to pronounce.

This. I read through the first two dozen or so posts, then realised how many posts there were and my first thought was "These guys are morons."

It's like the joke: How do you find a vegan? Don't worry, they'll tell you.

As a developer myself, I don't care what your sexual preferences are, who you want to be in life, what your favourite colour is, what your political beliefs are. Its all irrelevant. What I care about is what your diff / patch / pull request does, is it going to break anything, and is it ok to merge.

Trying to make this about anything else is petty bullshit and belongs anywhere but my bug tracker (where I don't care what you do).

Comment Re:Great (Score 1) 142

This happens to be in the state of Victoria in Australia but other states here also have strong consumer protection laws that basically say you can't be selling an unfixable product at a premium and not support it. The same is true for much of Europe as well and the few US states that haven't battered down their consumer protection laws.

Comment Great (Score 1) 142

I own a few Mac mini (Early 2009) and once they are no longer supported by Apple, they are subject to a full refund should they fail under the local state laws. There have been many rulings involving full refunds for non-supported white goods with one example of a $400 washing machine failing a few years after the warranty with no ability to repair it and the ruling said something along the lines that "the device was expansive and people expect it to last much longer than the warranty period" with ordered a full refund. Similar cases have resulted in orders for a new product to replace the old unsupported one. Since the current Mac mini is slower than some of the older ones and cost over $1,000 with reasonable memory, I can't see Apple winning let alone arguing that it is "obsolete" or "vintage".

Comment Re:2 more I've seen (Score 1) 497

I've spent much of the last two decades dealing with people who are attempting to correctly deal with money. Float problems show up all the time. For the longest time all CPUs had BCD arithmetic but modern CPUs are getting away from having any but the most basic instructions and sometimes they are suboptimal and use far more cycles than they should.

I think the largest missing feature of Go is the lack of a true currency type. The lack of that type means that every program that copes with money in any complex way has a very high probability of being very slightly wrong in some small number of cases.

Comment Re: What this really means is... (Score 1) 110

One of the features of Windows 10 is to grab updates from other Win10 machines on the same local subnet in P2P mode; the idea on not saturating the WAN link to the ISP with redundant requests. Problem is, I don't think I've ever seen it work. And yes, I only had two Win10 machines on the same network with one already updated. It's network utilization remained at 0% while the other computer was updating. that said even if this function is supposed to work as it is I'm not even sure how differential updating will work in a P2P environment.

I don't think I've ever seen this work either. It would be damn useful - but I've never seen or heard anyone else getting it working either.

Comment Re:Where exactly was the bug... (Score 1) 88

Until older machines (like the millions of 32 bit intel and PPC macs) get fixed, the ethical solution didn't happen. Is Google big enough to force Apple to fix those? If you think the recent IoT bot net was bad, just wait for those million of older macs get p0wned. The unsupported old macs don't get thrown away, they get handed down and they are still out there on the net waiting to cause problems. The software update option appears to still work even on my old mac mini g4 that wants to update printer drivers every few months undoubtedly leading many people into a false sense of security.

In most of the EU, some US states, and most of the Commonwealth countries, a manufacture is required to repair defects indefinitely that are likely to cause harm to others.

Comment Holes in networks, video at 11 (Score 4, Interesting) 337

We did this years ago on GSM / PPP sessions (remember when you connected a laptop via IR and dialed a number to get internet access?).

Set up a VPN server to listen on port 53 UDP somewhere on the internet, then connect to it from your laptop via the phone.

Used to be able to buy a $2 sim card, and pass hundreds of MB per day (which was a lot at the time) with zero restrictions.

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