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Submission + - Bill Gates Says Tablets Aren't Much Help in Education (chronicle.com)

An anonymous reader writes: In a detailed interview on the future of education, Bill Gates was surprisingly down on tablets in education — considering that Microsoft just released Surface. He said low-cost PCs are the thing for students. And he dismissed the idea that giving gadgets to students will bring change, saying that approach has "a really horrible track record."

Submission + - Micron, Hynix Cleared in Rambus Anti-Trust Case (businessweek.com)

CR0WTR0B0T writes: After a three month trial and eight weeks of deliberation, the jury finally ruled on the Rambus vs. Micron and Hynix anti-trust case.

'A state court jury in San Francisco today by a 9-3 vote rejected Rambus's claims that Boise, Idaho-based Micron and Ichon, South Korea-based Hynix are liable for colluding to manipulate prices of dynamic random access memory, or DRAM, chips in violation of California antitrust law.

Jurors also found, by the same vote, that the two companies aren't liable for plotting to interfere with Rambus's business relationship with Intel Corp. and driving the world's largest chipmaker away from their collaboration on RDRAM, or Rambus- designed memory, that began in the 1990s.'

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Intel-Micron Joint Venture Develops 25nm NAND 121

Ninjakicks writes "IM Flash Technologies is a joint venture between Intel and Micron that is targeted for producing NAND flash memory. With a focus on R&D, IMFT has doubled NAND density approximately every 18 months. Tomorrow IMFT will announce the launch of their 25 nanometer NAND technology — a major advancement in the semiconductor industry. Intel and Micron can now lay claim to the smallest production ready-semiconductor process technology in the world. IMFT took members of the press on a tour of the new 25nm fab and it's an interesting view into this bleeding-edge manufacturing process."

Submission + - Robots Climb 1 KM in Space Elevator Competition (yahoo.com)

CR0WTR0B0T writes: 'A robot powered by a ground-based laser beam climbed a long cable dangling from a helicopter on Wednesday to qualify for prize money in a $2 million competition to test the potential reality of the science fiction concept of space elevators.The highly technical contest brought teams from Missouri, Alaska and Seattle to Rogers Dry Lake in the Mojave Desert, most familiar to the public as a space shuttle landing site. The contest requires their machines to climb 2,953 feet (nearly 1 kilometer) up a cable slung beneath a helicopter hovering nearly a mile high.' Pretty cool stuff, but 2953 ft leaves quite a ways left to go.

Comment Move to Idaho? (Score 3, Informative) 79

Ugobe was a bad business plan. It has nothing to do with Idaho, which is a business friendly place. If anything, company employees would benefit from moving to Boise/Eagle from San Jose to enjoy lower commute times compared to San Jose commute times, a lower cost of living, lower crime rates, and ready access to outdoor recreation such as skiing.

It's not perfect, but I live here and love it. I'm not part of the CVB, but I welcome any well-run business fed up with their home state to take a look at Boise. It's a great place to live.


Submission + - Yahoo! Briefcase Shuttering

CR0WTR0B0T writes: Yahoo! sent a letter to all of the users of their Briefcase application notifying that the service would be discontinued on March 30, 2009. "Yahoo's Briefcase online storage service, which soldiered on for almost 10 years...is finally being shut down." Instead of merging into other existing applications, they are simply shutting it off and putting the onus on the users to make the migration. At least they are warning users before it goes.
Data Storage

Submission + - Qimonda Goes Bust

CR0WTR0B0T writes: "One of the DRAM players, Qimonda, filed for insolvency. "The struggling chip maker, which has spent the past few months seeking bailouts from the German government, filed for insolvency in a Munich court on Thursday, blaming financing issues and a drop in memory chip prices." DRAM has been selling below cost for awhile, so now it looks like prices may be on the way up."

Submission + - Satyam Rocked by Accounting Scandal

CR0WTR0B0T writes: ""In a bombshell disclosure, Satyam founder and chairman B. Ramalinga Ramu quit on Wednesday, admitting in a five-page resignation letter that the company had been meticulously inflating its financial figures for years." NeoIT consulting is recommending that companies come up with a risk mitigation plan. Really? I wonder how this will affect how companies view the cost/benefit ratios of increasing their dependence on outsourcing."

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