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Comment who cares? (Score 1) 241

Does anyone actually use Google+? I signed up and then immediately stopped using it. Let them drop my account if they can't verify my identity. Google+ just isn't something I'm interested in, and if they want to enforce rules that I don't want to obey, I just won't use it. If they do that with my email, then I will just move to another service.

Comment Re:*Hint* (Score 2, Informative) 195

*Hint* When someone changes their initial theory from something that can be quantified (ie. "global temperature will increase because of man-made greenhouse gases") to something that can't be quantified ("ie. global temperature will get both hotter and colder in different parts of the world") it means they have realized their initial theory was incorrect and they are scrambling to find another theory.

Basically, if you're telling me that the theory of climate change is now "Some places will get hotter and some places will get colder", then there is nothing that can disprove the theory, since, yes, there will be parts of the world that will get hotter and parts that will get colder. It's a meaningless, nonsensical theory at that point.

That's like saying "Greenhouse gasses will cause more humans to die in some locations, and more humans to be born in other locations." I will always be able to point to some areas of the world where the birth rate has increased, and others where the death rate has increased.

Comment Strip and replace your ID3 tags (Score 1) 758

Most illegal mp3s have comments in the ID3 tags. Write a program that goes through and strips all the ID3 tags and replace then with your own. This will also do the trick of modify any MD5 checksums. After that it would be hard to prove anything, unless they isolated the audio data and used that specifically to try to detect exact matches. But then it would be hard to prove anything from that.

Comment I still think that Lulzsec is CIA... (Score 1) 419

Lulzsec is funny and clever, but they haven't attacked a really big name site. But if they were real hackers, they would have tried to take down Facebook, E-trade, WoW, etc, something to generate an enormous amount of press. Instead, they've attacked small sites, security companies that didn't exist until a few months previous, and they attacked the CIA website. They've generated a lot of light, but not a lot of heat. For someone with their level of coordination, they certainly are trying to get themselves caught by posting on Twitter, going on IRC, leaving voice traces, etc. I don't buy the idea that they are complete nihilists, it's too exhausting.

The only thing I can think of is that these guys really are CIA, and they're trying to get blackhat credibility, in order to infilitrate and take down Anonymous. Sure, there's some collateral damage, but it's for the "greater good", right? My only hope is that I'm wrong, but I doubt it. The fact that they've teamed up with Anonymous after only a couple of months in existence makes me think I'm right.

Comment $2MM+ worth of nerds just got played (Score 5, Insightful) 476

Someone just cashed out a large deposit of bitcoins, and these nerds and bitcoin miners just got played. 3 months ago, this thing was less than $1. Now it was $30? lolz Someone made some good money, and waited for there to be enough liquidity for them to be able to cash out and raped the order book. This is a classic accumulation/distribution (a.k.a pump and dump) pattern where a few buyers suck in a multitude of retail fools by slowing raising the price through accumulation, and then once retail fervor hits, they dump it and get out. It's so stereotypical, it's a cliche, and I guess bitcoin just fell for it as well. I only wish I could short this thing, it's going back to below $1.

Comment Rainbow tables? (Score 1) 223

On a similar note to this, since hashing can be defeated with rainbow tables, does anyone have any authoritative information on the state of rainbow table cracking? I just from a previous post that lulzboat cracked their passwords using rainbow tables, and looking through the password file, the passwords were substantially more complex than what I would use. Are rainbow tables at the state now where using special characters and numbers aren't good enough anymore? How long do we need to make our passwords? Does anyone like Bruce Schneier give guidance on this now?

Submission + - March RSA Hack Hits Lockheed, Remote Systems Breac (

CPE1704TKS writes: I guess we know what the first target of the RSA hackers were now: military secrets. Unfortunately, RSA's complete silence on the matter will only remove any shred of confidence people have in their product.

From the article:

"So how did the hackers do it? It's been speculated that hackers obtained master key files during the March RSA attacks—as implied, a hacker then would be able to penetrate a SecurID-protected network by replicating an individual's exact keys generated by the particular device."

Submission + - Google Chrome has been hacked (

CPE1704TKS writes: From the site:

"We are (un)happy to announce that we have officially Pwnd Google Chrome and its sandbox.

While Chrome has one of the most secure sandboxes and has always survived the Pwn2Own contest during the last three years, we have now uncovered a reliable way to execute arbitrary code on any installation of Chrome despite its sandbox, ASLR and DEP."


Submission + - Space Shuttle Endeavour's Greatest Hits (

RedEaredSlider writes: On the occasion of the last launch of the Endeavour, is a look at some of the great moments from the space shuttle's history. After one more shuttle mission, it looks like American Astronauts will be hitching rides with the Russians. But it's worth looking back and realizing that it was a worthwhile program, if only because it showed us how to make spaceflight routine — and with luck there will be others.

Comment WTF? Why? It's a READER!!! (Score 1) 110

This is getting ridiculous! I want Adobe Acrobat to just take a PDF and DISPLAY IT. I didn't sign up for all this bullshit with javascript, adding a service into my already crowded memory space that checks constantly for updates, etc. It's fucking ridiculous!

All it's supposed to be is a way to format a document. Anything more than that, adding all this fucking unnecessary infrastructure/bloatware onto desktop just makes me crazy! The additional fact that it causes viruses makes me really, really close to saying fuck off to acrobat completely.

It's as if the reading light switch on your car all of a sudden tried to get fancy, by adding motion detection, but then it needed additional layers to prevent it from draining your batteries it turns on because it detects motion on your car, so you're forced to buy tinted windows, etc, and oh yeah, it can somehow unlock the doors and start your car. It's a fucking utility that has taken on a life of it's own and I've really had to at this point.

Actually, after this rant I've decided I'm going to uninstall Acrobat immediately.

Comment DON'T DO IT! You'll get fired (Score 5, Insightful) 366

It sounds instructive, but you will probably get fired for lacking good judgement.

There are plenty of stories where teachers do similar things that end up getting them fired. Teaching students how to write viruses, faking a classroom kidnapping, how to plan a terrorist attack, etc.

Teaching your students how to write a virus is a classic case of bad judgement. Your superiors will tell you "What were you thinking?" and you will get let go.

Teach them verbally how viruses are created, but don't assign anything as homework.

Comment I hope you guys know this isn't about energy... (Score 1) 242

I sincerely hope you guys don't believe they are shutting down 2000 factories because of energy.

They are shutting down the factories because they don't have any orders for them to build things. This is just another example of the Chinese government hiding their data, and making them look better than what they are.

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