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Submission + - Apple Cripples iPod Touch, Eliminates "Add" (

An anonymous reader writes: According to photos, support discussions and their own description pages, Apple has removed the ability to add events in the iPod touch's Calendar application, even while it uses the same operating system and application frameworks as the iPhone. The article shows captures from the modified US features page compared to the international pages, which haven't been changed yet, as well as analysis on this kind of artificial product segmentation similar to Microsoft's Windows marketing strategy.

Submission + - Buffer Overflow in RFID Passport Readers (

epee1221 writes: "Wired ran a story describing Lukas Grunwald's Defcon talk on an attack on airport passport readers. After extracting data from the (read-only) chip in a legitimate passport, he placed a version of the data with an altered passport photo (JPEG2000 is used in these chips) into a writable chip. The altered photo created a buffer overflow in two RFID readers he tested, causing both to crash. Grunwald suggests that vendors are typically using off-the-shelf JPEG2000 libraries, which would make the vulnerability common."

Submission + - How to Electronically Communicate To/From America? ( 1

An anonymous reader writes: I can only imagine that in the wake of Congress's recent approval of the Bush Administration's spying on American communications, I'm not the only one wondering how to maintain my privacy when talking or emailing friends abroad. I know there are plenty of ways to encrypt traffic, but is there anything that that magic combination of strength and usability that will allow me to a) feel safe and b) have my British grandparents email me without difficulty? What are the current options for both VoIP and SMTP?

Submission + - NASA Contractors Censoring Saturn V Info 1

cybrpnk2 writes: Get ready to surrender your data sheets, study reports and blueprints of the Saturn V to stay in compliance with ITAR. Armed guards are reportedly enforcing a takedown and shredding of old Saturn V posters from KSC office walls that show rough internal layouts of the vehicle, and a website that is a source for various digitized blueprints has been put on notice it may well be next. No word yet if the assignment of a Karl Rove protege to oversee NASA has any connection...

Submission + - 71 New Secret Commands for Google ( 1

pcripsbox writes: "In the past, I wrote several articles to present you the hidden operators available for Google's search engine that allow you to find your information easier. Take for example filetype:mp3 that helps you search only for mp3 files so your search query time is obviously reduced r-google/"

Submission + - License Plates Optional for California Elite

SuperBanana writes: Steve Jobs is part of a small group of California residents who can go without license plates. Instead, they have a small barcode located in the plate area. Not only does this make one invulnerable to tollbooth ticketing systems, but it makes them harder to target with a LIDAR speed gun (police use the highly reflective front plate as a target for the infrared beam.) Not to mention, if they commit any vehicular crimes or traffic infractions, witnesses have no plates to look for. States and the Federal government have numerous safety reasons why we are compelled to have two license plates, but if you've got enough commas in your bank account, you get to drive with no plates at all...

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