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Comment Re:Slashdotted? (Score -1) 342

Today is 1-year anniversary of 11 September when Afghanistan fight American Evil by sending soldier to blow Trade Center. America say "We are good! You are lose!" but has America really good? Seem America has lose Civil Liberty in recent year.

Example: Early today we tell one us representatives to America and ask about buy AT&T Microwave Bunker. But he not successful! First, representative not let into US carrying his State Issued Weapon of Glory! What about Right to Guns in US? (So much for Liberty!) So representative must call on phone, much expensive. And when he finally reach seller of Bunker, take 15 minute to find Real Estate Agent that speak China! (I guess America like itself be alone in world! More China people than America people, but America people think they are more! Ha!)

The final offend come when Real Estate people say that China can not buy Bunker because of relation between Evil American and Glorious People's Happy Republic of Great China Glory. What about let all come to America? What about take immigrant who set up business opportunity for great Prosper and Happiness? No! Instead China is turn away because China not believe in American idea of Capitalist Rape and Sad Hurt.

Obvious conclusion: 11 September prove that America is not Free, it is China that is Free. If not believing, why not consult with Free Expert name Richard Stallman, who is popular on website of Slashdot? He explain true nature of suppose "human abuse right". I suggesting you talk with Richard Stallman!

Irony is that on 11 September Anniversary, China not allow set up business in America. We try to be friend and ease international relation, but America say no. Truthful, America is Evil and must be destroy by Great Clean Fire of China Redemption with Glory and Happy Force of Right.

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