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Comment I'm so glad! (Score 0) 246

I'm glad I've never bought anything "i" or "Apple" or "Mac" or any other overpriced, overhyped piece of crap from that company! "Walled Garden" is just a kinder, gentler way of saying; "stay inside the razor wire you worthless idiots!" And, oh yeah, send us piles of cash!!!

Comment Re:No clue? (Score 0) 237

When the European Union comes up with a search engine or an operating system better than Google or Microsoft, then, they would have the right to wine! I think it's time to break up Airbus. They receive huge government subsidies to compete with all other aircraft mfgs. This IMHO is cheating!!! Canada, the U.S., Brazil, etc. should be up in arms about this. It seems like the European Union thinks this is business as usual! It's time for the old "eye for an eye" in the aircraft industry!

Comment Re:Obama (Score 0) 706

Regulated utilities have almost zero innovation? WTF!!! You young pups are much too young to remember when Ma Bell would charge you $2 to $3 a minute to talk to your neighbor who may have been just a few hundred yards away, only, they were in another county! I'd say it's time for you to update your knowledge base!

Comment Re:In the uk (Score 0) 461

They should definitely deny this guys request. What if thumping his bible is not all he wants to thump? Even worse, holy rollers are known to be, in some cases, homicidal in their intents. Personally, I couldn't give a damn about any strippers, but, their lives may be endangered by this request. Is Washington state prepared to assign personal body guards to each and every stripper whom they out? Also, are they prepared to pay out for the possibly many wrongful death lawsuits resulting from releasing such information to this kook?!!!

Comment Re:Whom does this surprise? (Score 0) 184

Now, I don't claim to be an expert on the law in Britain, but, it would seem to me that turnabout is fair play. I'm sure there are many in the media in Britain that could easily "out" several spy's identities and even home addresses. A few of these outs and a stern warning to the powers that be that more are sure to come if these people continue their assault on lawyers and the press in Britain might just change a few minds behind this assault on freedom! I'm sure that the "powers" will scream "Traitors!", but, the same argument could be leveled against said "powers". Press and lawyers, just remember, SUNSHINE is the best disinfectant!!!

Comment Re:My two cents (Score 0) 695

Hope your children and grandchildren like cooking their frappe's over dung fires! What this world needs is a reduction in population. Too many people and religions think that we can just continue to breed like rabbits and we will prosper. I saw this coming in the 1970s and I, for one, am glad that I will not be around to see the starvation, depravation, warfare, and death which is sure to come! I also believe that the human race does not have the smarts or the balls to find a solution. But, cheer up, the earth will take care of itself, with or without us.

Comment Re:Politics (Score 0) 384

Actually, the President doesn't have the power to give more funding to the CDC. That is the responsibility of Congress. You remember them, don't you? The ones who have been on vacation since July. The ones who haven't done a damn thing since 2010. The Repubs (you know that group of hard core right wing religious nuts with a dash of anarchist tea baggers) who control the house are hard at work trying to scare the bejesus out of their less than best educated base. They need a Czar (otherwise known as a "moron manager") to soothe their fears. They will never believe that they are more likely to be struck by lightning (or beaten to death by a troop of girl scouts) without this "moron manager" to tell them so. So, here we are, with a total of one (that's 1 for the morons) and two nurses who where unprepared to nurse him safely, affected with ebola here in the USA. WTF, have we become a nation of morons to be ministered to by morons who have no other plans than to try to be elected by their moron base in the midterm elections? We really have to increase our spending on schools and education, because, this situation is untenable!!!

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