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Comment Random Map Generation (Score 1) 83

I've had some fun with this..

Cave Generation

Classic with random room shapes.

Maze generation.

I can do a 640x640 map under 2 minutes on an i5 1.2ghz with 4 gigs ram. My dungeon rooms are all done with procedures and my rogue maps do boxes, circles, triangles, diamonds, H's, doughnuts. I wrote this in Java for fun and here are some of the references I used.




Lots of room for improvement obviously, but I don't think I did too bad for my first dive in to map generation. I did start with recursion to generate these maps but they took way too long and ate up a lot of memory. I changed to a different method and avoided recursion. Still it was fun to dabble in recursion for a short time. ;)

Comment ISS is worth the dollars spent. (Score 3, Insightful) 219

I'd argue this given how little a budget has been given to NASA when compared to things like the F-22 and F-35 programs the US Government runs. People who bedevil the space program aren't looking at the big picture of return we've gotten over the years. Yeah they always can do better but they already have done exceptionally well especially when compared to some military defense contractor spending projects that would dwarf NASA and have no return of value other then money spent in someone's district and a product that was substandard and/or delivered late.

Comment I'm starting to think... (Score 5, Interesting) 581

That SystemD is bad for Linux not because of the technical merits but the political BS drama it's spawning. Technical wise I can see why server admins want to have the fine grain control of their start up through individual scripts. It makes sense to me even though I don't do administration. KISS is the order of the day and flat text files beat out binaries any day. Now for desktops SystemD seems fine to me for people who run out of the box systems.

Honestly the whole thing sounds to be a fix that works better for some things but is getting shoved in to other areas where it isn't needed, wanted, and maybe even detrimental to the operation of other systems. Kinda like when Ubuntu/Gnome went with more touchy modern interfaces on desktops when really it was tablets and phones their interfaces made the most positive impact while negatively effecting others on the desktop.

I think it's time for some people to get over the one size fits all mentality in the Linux community. Obviously other people have problems with it and it's going to end up tearing you apart in the long run while scaring off others who sit on the sides playing with the toys you folks made up to this point. That's going to leave companies like Microsoft grinning like a Cheshire Cat.

Comment One less game on my list... (Score 1) 473

I was keeping an eye on this for the single player aspect. That seems to have vanished along with my desire to put any money in to this game. I loved the old version years ago and was looking forward to this being released. Oh well, maybe if they realize that life isn't just multi-player and put single player back in I would consider buying the game again.

Comment How could this go wrong? (Score 2) 308

Dork 1: LOL, I just invaded the Afghanistan instance! Look at em run! LOL!!111
Dork 2: OMG, I zoned in to the Russian instance! I'm so d3ad!!!1

Dork2 has died!
Russian dorks are invading Alaska!

Dork3: Guyz! WTH u m3ss w/teh Russians?!!1 OMG mah base!111LOL
Dork1: U got pwnd! LOL!!11

*Some generals face palm somewhere before the fan gets really dirty*

Comment Re:Economists may disagree on the macro results, b (Score 0) 1040

"3. The price of burgers and lattes will go up."

Tell me how this is a bad thing since that stuff helps contribute to the national obesity rate? People out of work because they can't sell fattening foods to other Americans from places like McDonald's? Oh the horror, people are going to be forced to healthier food choices and actually have to work to prepare a meal to save money.

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